Mostly known as UX, the user experience is one of the fastest evolving and most possibly exciting sections of the interactive industry over here.  In this field of user experience, there are multiple facets for you to consider. All these options are quite rooted in passion for not just the knowing users but also for the unknown or first timers. They get the opportunity to shape up their experiences in the best manner possible, when they get the opportunity to learn the art of UX design under pros in the market. In this perfect guide for the UX careers, you are about to come across some of the essential information about multiple opportunities surrounding UX. You will also get a national benchmark for the salaries and the best job areas in UX. You will learn more about the essential trading tools for the UX professionals.

Starting it off with user research:

With a salary rounding about to $80K to $117k yearly, user research is a platform under UX Jobs you can head for. The primary focus of this career is mainly to provide deeper understanding and even broader insight to behavior of the users over here. It will further talk about the needs of users and even users’ motivations over here.

  • These researchers are often known to present phases of the designing procedure, starting right at the conception of the project, going through implementation phrase and then ending whenever the development is over.
  • The tasks over here are performed under multiple heads. It is designed to conduct task and even user analysis, which will identify opportunities to improve user experience.
  • The main aim of user researcher is to analyze research finding and form them into a proficient usable data as furnished as actionable results and recommendations.

Next you have the role of usability analyst:

If you are eyeing towards the role of usability analyst, then you are actually heeding for a yearly salary count of $66k to $127k. This career helps in identifying usability problems by just applying some of the user research and usability principles.

  • This position aids in ensuring that the usability goals are met through some of the identifying objectives for measuring outcomes, projects and even evaluating success of given studies.
  • The tasks involved in this career line are resolving and investing user experience based issues through proficient use of testing and evaluation.
  • You have to communicate some of the actionable insights, which will improve upon customer of user experience substantially.

Being an information architect:

If you are planning to play the role of information architect, then the salary count will be within $80k to $126k yearly, depending on the position you are in. Here, the information architect will have focus on constructing, scoping and optimizing ways in which information needs to be presented to users on website. Their work takes place in developing a thorough, detailed and realistic plan, which can support organizational UX objectives.

  • Being an information architect means you have to create wireframes, functional specifications and even working on process maps and prototypes.
  • There are some other artifacts, which will describe the work of user experience and will apply user personas and scenarios for developing relevant process and with user flow model.

Interactive designer – a new role in the kitty:

Being an interactive designer will help you earn a salary of $74k to $115k annually. The task of interactive designer is to draw upon user data with research and team up input to generate interaction concept. It helps in enabling relevant, seamless, engaging and fluid experience for users.

  • Once you become an interactive designer, you have to participate in creation of the rapid prototypes that will help in illustrating application or service.
  • They have to cooperate with peers like visual designers for solving problems and also for creating full design solutions meant for projects.

Visual designer is another one:

Visual designer has the liberty to work hard and earn somewhat around $60k to $97k. It is the time for the visual designer for turning prototypes and wireframes into the visual designs, which are user friendly and will adhere to any and brand guidelines. These designers will mainly rely on keen understanding of brand standard, graphical elements, style guides and design systems.

  • Being a visual designer, you have to know ways to create engaging, usable and effective visual design solutions, which will achieve any goals, as centered on website’s users.
  • The validation of the effectiveness of designs will be another part of the visual designer. This is to be done through promising research and studies of the current usability.

Working as UX designer:

The jack of all trades has to be user experience designer. His main role is associated with the design procedure, which is centered on the users. The role will mainly focus on creating some successful user experience through feedback, research, testing, analyzing and even some of the other best practices.

  • The primary focus of a UX designer is to drive development and communication as related with user design procedure on given project.
  • He is the one participating in analyzing, researching, developing and even testing some of the phases related to design procedure.
  • UX designer can always expect tp earn a handsome reward as salary of around $73k to $110k on an annual section.

Types of products bringing in demand:

There are some projects, which are exclusively designed for the user experience professionals. They are the one who can work on such categories and for that, they are paid quite handsomely. Some of those web based projects over here are web based apps, public websites, shopping carts, e-commerce websites and even while working on the landing pages.

They are the one embracing the advertising notions which will otherwise drive engagement like  email campaigns, banners, social networks, dating sites, video games and even surveys. Just be sure to learn more about the objectives revolving around UX platform, and then start working on this section right away for sure.

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