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Everyone wants to look their best at work. A look of any person or anything is the first and the foremost factor of the judgment of one’s character. Hence, being presentable is highly important and same goes for our websites. A website is user-friendly or not comes later, what comes first is its appearance. Therefore, Joomla templates are used to decide and develop the best possible look of the website. A template is a basic foundation on which the appearance and the layout of a site are formed. The font, colours, menu styles, navigation controls, design of basic layout, and certain images such as the header and in few cases even the background of the website can be changed and managed by using a template.  A Joomla template has an innate ability to separate site’s content and its design. Joomla extension uses two types of templates- Front-end Templates and Back-end Templates. The Front-end Template is used to control the presentation of website’s administrative tasks viewed by the users. The Back-end Template is used to control the presentation of management functions (user, menu, article, category, module, component, plugin and template management) performed by the Joomla administrator.

Joomla is one of the best content management systems. Joomla offers a wide variety of templates comes handy in making in creating and developing a perfect website. Joomla templates are best as it has many features like responsive in nature, Module positioning, Additional extensions, an animated portfolio with filters, advanced level of navigation, easy and quick installation, advanced commenting system and customized page types. Some of the Joomla templates are:

Radon Joomla Template

radon joomla template

Radon is a Modern, clean and multipurpose template apt for Joomla 3.x sites. The template has highly responsive control system such as powerful administrative controls, unlimited fonts control, mega-menu builder, built-in CSS and javascript compression feature. The template has K2 support as well as RTL support for right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Crafty Joomla Template

crafty joomla template

Crafty Joomla template is one of the best options to opt for e-commerce stores to display and sell products online. The template is light in weight, responsive in nature and most importantly mobile friendly in nature. It also supports RTL. The template comes packed with 2 homepage layouts, 20 module positions and social media plugins.

Morph Joomla Template

morph joomla template

People planning to build a business, agency or a portfolio, and then morph Joomla Template is the best choice to make. The templates offer a variety of features such as robust T3 framework, a number of pre-built pages, 100% device responsiveness, Ultimate Typography Control, Drag and Drop Page Building With Quix, RTL Support. The template comes packed with 6 stunning layouts which include Business, Creative Agency Construction, Apps, Portfolio, and Box Layout. There are more than 50+ Quix elements and 12 header variations.

Magazine Joomla Template

magazine joomla template

This Joomla template is a simple, fast and content focused template designed for news, blog or magazine type sites using 3.x. joomla version. The template has a clear and bold social sharing option which enables visitors to spread and read the articles easily. The template is K2 supported with the features like 1-3 column layouts with colour switching option as one of its best feature.

JSN Dona Joomla Template

jsn dona joomla template

It is a multipurpose template apt for Joomla 3.x users. This template has 6 homepage layouts of Education, Charity, Business, Religion, Portfolio and Politics. The template has 3 menu styles, 4 module styles and more than 15 template parameters.

Purity III Joomla Template

purity 3 joomla template

This Joomla 3.x template can be used for a number of websites. This template has the homepage of 8 variations such as Magazine, Corporate, Blog, Features Intro (2 layouts), Portfolio, Glossary and Classic. The best feature of this template is its compatibility with third-party extensions like JomSocial, EasySocial, Mijoshop, Kunena etc.

AT Creart Joomla Template

at creart joomla template

It is a specialized template designed for educational institution websites using Joomla 3.x version.  It is clean and has a minimal user interface with off-canvas and mega-menu styles. The template is mobile friendly in nature. The template uses article post format, flexible header and social comments. The template has retina logo support. The template comes packed with 4 colour variations and box layout.

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