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There are literally hundreds of web hosting providers that meet the Joomla minimum requirements, and it is really hard to choose a good host for your website. As Joomla evolves and more features are implemented the hosting demands also raises, therefore is essential choosing a web host that will grow along your website.

I’ve dealt with several hosting providers since I’ve been running JoomlArtWork. In my opinion InMotion Hosting was the one that have meet my expectation in terms of performance and technical support. It is a bit pricier than most competitors, but when it comes to Joomla hosting, InMotion is just excellent.

I have featured InMotion in my top list of Joomla hosting providers. Why? Because InMotion offers top notch support along their high quality Joomla optimized hosting plan. They also offer a free domain with each Joomla plan and free website backups. InMotion offers 90-Day money back guarantee, which gives you the option to get a refund within this period if you feel that their service is not for you. Each hosting server comes with SSDs, which makes your Joomla site load up to 20 times faster than on average hosts.

With InMotion you can start your Joomla site quickly. In this article I will show you how to install Joomla to InMotion hosting. There are three options: install Joomla manually, install Joomla using the one-click installation tool, or request a pre-installation while purchasing your hosting account.

Pre-installed Joomla Website to InMotion

If you have decided to use Joomla for your website, this option is the best for you. On the checkout page click on the “Install Joomla” option and your website will be ready to use once your account is activated.

preinstall joomla inmotion hosting

If you can skip this step and install Joomla later from your hosting account. In the following I will show you host to install Joomla to InMotion hosting via cPanel.

One-click Joomla Installation to InMotion

Once your account is confirmed, you will receive an email from InMotion Hosting which contain all the login information. This email also contains your cPanel login. Click on the login URL provided in the email and login to the cPanel.

inmotion cpanel login

In cPanel search for the “Top Applications” tab and click on the “Portals/CMS” to start the installation. If you want to install Joomla 2.5 version you simply need to click the Joomla logo, but for Joomla 3.x version you will have to access the page mentioned before.

inmotion click joomla logo

Choose the Joomla version you want to install.

inmotion choose joomla version

There will be some fields you have to fill in. You will need to select the domain to which you want to install the Joomla CMS, pick a database name, add site name and description, choose admin username and password and associate an email address to your site. Here you can choose the language for your Joomla system too. Once you completed all necessary field, click the “Install” button to proceed.

finish joomla installation inmotion

By default the one-click installation is set to install the latest Joomla version, which is recommended, but you can choose older versions too.

Once the installation is finished, you will receive an email to the provided email address with all the login info. At this point you are done with the installation and you can start working on your website.

Manually Install Joomla to InMotion

This process requires some level of technical experience, and because I wanted to keep this tutorial simple and easy to follow, I will not go into manual Joomla installation. About this I will create another tutorial very soon.

What to do after Joomla Installation?

Once your website is installed you will have to spend some time to make it unique and add more features. You will need to change the default Joomla template, enable SEO features, and create menus and articles. Here is a complete list of what you should do after Joomla installation.

Wrapping it all up!

Hopefully this quick tutorial has helped to get started with your Joomla website. If highly recommend InMotion hosting if you are looking for a reliable hosting for your Joomla website.

Just as an extra bonus, on InMotion’s website you will find hundreds of tutorials on Joomla that will help you get started with your website quickly.

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