In today’s modern world of innovative and high proof technology, various modern tools are used for the sake of marketing. These days the most trending form of marketing is online marketing and social media marketing. Before the online marketing came into limelight one of most used marketing mode was SMS marketing. The term ‘SMS ‘stands for Short Message Service.

The procedure of SMS marketing

SMS marketing can be done either by the company itself or by hiring a company to do SMS marketing task on the company’s behalf. Majority of the companies choose to hand over the SMS marketing task to a third-party firm.

There are many firms in the market which offer SMS marketing services. Basically, what these companies do is they send bulk text messages to the targeted audience in their database with the help of various software. The main aim of SMS marketing is to reach out to the targeted audience and convert them into potential buyers by sending various promotional and convincing messages about their client’s product or services in order to boost sales.

Strategies used in SMS marketing

SMS marketing also uses many innovative and convincing marketing tools and strategies just like other marketing platforms. The main agenda of SMS marketing firms is to grow a database of subscribers in order to increase customer satisfaction. They use various tactics to achieve the same; following are a few examples:

  • The content of the SMS: The SMS marketing firms usually focus on the content t of the text. It is necessary that texting method is used so that the SMS is easily readable and easy to understand. Along with the ease factor they also see to it that the SMS is not too long as long SMS is time-consuming, and the readers may ignore it by looking at the size of the SMS. They majorly send a short and convincing text.
  • Target audience: these firms see to it that they send a right text to the right audience at the right time. They use the right tricks to reach their desired audience through their database and by collecting demographic data.
  • Using links in SMS content: they have to perform a challenging task of marketing their client products just by using a limited number of words; hence they attach the links/URL of customer’s social media pages or websites in order to give them detail knowledge about the client’s business and reach out more customers.
  • Offering incentives and discounts: one of the most used tactics is offering various incentives such as cash back, coupons, online discounts, etc. to the readers and attract them to buy products and services of the client. Offering incentives to the audience work wonders as people love discounts and are always willing to buy products at a lower price.
  • Analyzing time factor: SMS marketing firm know exactly when to send which messages to which audience. They have detailed idea of customers time preferences, and the bulk SMS is done keeping these factors in consideration. For example: if the targeted audience is college students they will usually send early morning of afternoon messages, and in case their target audience is working crowd then they send messages in the evening after 6 pm. This helps a lot to reach out to the audience in time and reduce ignorance from the audience.
  • Generating urgency and exclusive offers: SMS marketing firms generally create exclusive offers for its audience and mention it as a limited period offer in order to generate an emergency factor. For example, many of us receive the “flat 50% off “offers, and the validity is just one day or one week. Such offers create a sense of urgency among the interested buyers, and they tend to buy the product faster as compared to before. This helps to boost customer sales thus providing customer satisfaction.

The scope of SMS marketing

To talk about the Scope of SMS marketing, it covers a huge number of subscribers and readers.SMS marketing help to advertise various new and upcoming offers of business to thousands and lacks customers at the same time. As per surveys, it is seen that SMS marketing is preferred more than other marketing platforms such as e-mail marketing. It is also cost effective and a very easy way of reaching out to the customers on a daily basis. Also, it is not limited to the internet factor like online or social media marketing. SMS marketing reaches out to even those customers who do not have access to the internet or those who do not use social media. If you are planning to buy an SMS plan, it is better to approach SimpleTexting and seek their expertise.

Do not miss out the important considerable points when planning to start with SMS marketing

Same as other marketing platforms SMS marketing also has some limitations. SMS marketing cannot be visually appealing like other outdoor or online marketing platforms; it fails to grab the visual attention of the readers. Apart from the above factor, it is also limited to the network connection. If there is a network problem in a particular area, then the SMS does not reach on time or doesn’t reach at all! This in a way is a loss of potential buyers to the customers. Many times, it also happens that the customers’ mobile phones are switched off, and the SMS may not reach them. Many people have activated ‘DND’ that is ‘’do not disturb” for their mobile numbers.In this case, even after several attempts, the SMS does not reach the readers as they have blocked all the promotional SMS on their cell phone. Some of the SMS marketing firms spam the reader’s inbox by over sending SMS due to which the readers either ignore or block such SMS.

SMS marketing is a very useful platform to reach out more and more people at the same time and keep updating them about the new offers of your business, but at the same time, it has the limitations mentioned above as well. Hence SMS marketing is a very good choice for marketing by keeping certain factors in mind and using the right strategies.

Author Bio: Barrack Diego is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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