Basics Joomla Template

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use joomla template, than Basics is the perfect choice for your next joomla project. The February 2010 Shape5 club template, comes with many amazing features like: RTL support, dynamic modules, seo optimized layout, fluid and fixed widths, dark and light template color. It is not only easy to set up, but also the reduced images size make this a fast loading joomla template. The Basics Joomla Template comes with the modified image slide show, that is included in the live demo.

Basic Joomla Template Features

  • 100% CSS based design
  • Validates with XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Validates with CSS Level 3
  • compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • SQL dump available
  • RTL language support
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Custom highlight color
  • SEO Optimized Layout
  • Fixed, Fluid and Custom layout and columns widths
  • 7 module styles and 31 module positions
  • Dynamic module titles
  • Sliced PSDs design included
  • Demo site data available
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • Lytebox enabled
  • Tool Tips enabled
  • 5 Menu systems
  • Compatible with all major web browsers

Clarity Joomla Template

Clarity, the January 2010 Club Template by Shape5 is a generic style template that can be used for different categories of websites. It is recommended for any business or ecommerce website. Clarity has new options that allow to add images to menu items and change the module position trough the front page. The template also comes with the new S5 image slider, which is great to display products on ecommerce websites.

Clarity Joomla Template Features

  • 100% css based design
  • compatible with joomla 1.5
  • dynamic module positions
  • PSD design included in download files
  • 28 module positions
  • CSS and XHTML valid template
  • collapsible modules
  • tooltip possibility
  • custom columns and modules widhts
  • compatible with all major web browsers
  • limited compatibility with IE

Game Portal Joomla Template

The ultimate game portal joomla template from Shape5 comes with a high quality and professional design and with the brand new Clan Roster components, that will allow to organize online game battles for multiple multiplayer games.

Game Crusade Joomla Template Features

  • 100% CSS based design, without tables
  • Compatible with joomla 1.5
  • fading and non-fading background images
  • fixed or fluid background
  • 25 module positions
  • validated with XHTML and CSS validators
  • 5 different navigation menu system
  • custom page and columns width

Church Joomla Template

Planning to build a website for a church or just want a nice joomla template? With the Touch of Soul Shape5 October 2009 Joomla template you can have both!

Church Joomla Template

This amazing template provide all the features that need a ministry or church website, from pastor blog to huge online community, everything that can run trough your mind. The design gives a relaxing feeling, build on green and brown colors, custom columns widths and custom background images. With this template it’s very easy to set up various designs for your community. Church joomla template comes with many design options for menus as well: 4 different menu styling, managed from the template parameters, 100% CSS based design, compatible with all major browsers and validated with XHTML and CSS. The download file also include the PSD source file that will help you to customize the lookout of your joomla website.

Web 2.0 Social Joomla Template

September 2009 Social Network Joomla Template from Shape5, with a web 2.0 layout, modern and elegant design. The template was created special to support social networking joomla components like kunena or JoomlSocial.

The Elegance Joomla 1.5 Template have 27 module positions, available in 2 colors, dark and light. Beautiful web 2.0 design is based on CSS code only.

With this joomla theme was also released 3 new modules, available on Shape5. Template comes with 4 different module styles, managed from the template parameters, CSS and XHTML validated, compatibility with all major browsers. The download also include .PSD source files, for easy and fast customization purpose.

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