Google never fails to surprise you! The moment you feel that you have figured out Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) algorithm for this year, it drastically alters. And it’s something that will happen again and again. Initially, it started with the practice of making use of chosen “backlinks” and “keywords.”  However, it’s a crucial part of an online marketing strategy.

SEO is in a constant state of flux! And Google has a huge role to play in it. We are aware that Google depends on various specific ranking signals that change from time to time. And every smart SEO agency is updated with the new trends in SEO. It enables them to adjust their plans and strategies accordingly so that they can manage great advertising campaigns for you. If you are in Los Angeles and searching for professional assistance that can help you arrive at a sound SEO strategy, you can search for the best SEO Los Angeles agency online and choose from the results.

Today, SEO has come a long way. It has evolved from the backlink strategies and keyword placements. And since 2018 is reaching its last cycle, you sure would want to do a review and select the best SEO trends, to implement for the remaining part of the year. Discussed below are important trends to take note of.

Your website page rank depends on the mobile website

Your website might look superb when browsed from a laptop or desktop! But it also has to be equally responsive and navigation friendly when you are browsing from your mobile device. If not, then it can create trouble for you. The big SEO challenge in 2018 for websites is Google’s mobile-first index. And going by this your website ranks will depend on your mobile version.

Ensure that your stunning website looks perfect in mobile and tablet devices as well. You need to make sure that your site on mobile is navigation friendly, loads up early and has a user-friendly design. Also, it should have information that the user’s value. Else you won’t make much progress in your page ranks.

You need to go big on voice search

Voice-activated mobile devices have become the order of the day! People depend on Alexa or Siri for their online searches. From the Pixel phones, Smartphone’s, Amazon Echo to Google Home and more, very few people type in their questions in search engine now. Instead, they use a voice command to search for the product and service they need online. Voice commands are also used to trace locations.

What does this imply for your online business? It means you will have to optimize voice search SEO strategies to rank better. Here you need to apply more of precise syntax and long-tail keywords in daily language. Usually, people today text search more when they are opting in for voice-activated technology.

Offering instant answers in your featured content

Previously, that is before 2018; a Meta description was a space for writing a brief overview of your content details. You had to write a summary here. But today, things are gradually changing. With the advent and popularity of voice searches, there exists a need for featured content that offers immediate answers.

Devices such as Google Home, Alexa and Siri can offer the best answers to your online queries today! They have to search the content a user is looking for fast. It will not scan through thousands of words, characters, and paragraphs as well as web pages. Instead, it will locate the precise, best and easy to identify answer which serves the purpose of the user. That’s what smart technology is all about.

Do you wish to cater to this trend in 2018? If yes, then you should come up with content that offers accurate and short answers that sync in well with the voice search questions and the long-tail keywords. You could also think about giving a facelift to your Q&A and FAQ section so that Google can locate the correct data to reply to your customers.

Optimizing intent

Google is expected to change its search algorithm in a way that intent optimization plays a crucial role in keyword selection. It means, of your keyword defines a clear intent for purchasing, like “cheap Samsung covers,” Google is likely to position the e-commerce websites at a higher place in the search results. It will rank even more than the authentic media sites. It helps the users to see which sites are selling the product and which sites have an article written about it.

Furthermore, Google will also optimize the authentic sites for using rich keywords, if there’s a clear intent in it. For instance, “Cheap iPhone covers to avoid in 2018” has a clear intention etched out. Therefore, when it is about using your keywords, you will have to ensure that you use it wisely and smartly.

User experience will always remain important

This SEO trend is somewhat a common theme for every year when new trends add up. User experience is essential. Google will keep on concentrating on user experience for determining the websites that will appear in the search engine outcomes.

It is essential to ensure that your website loads up fast. That aside, your content has to be crisp, rich, authentic, relevant and free from plagiarism. Staying aware of the browsing habits of the people is good. It will help you add in the required changes. If your website loads after 30 seconds have gone past by, you will experience increased bounce rates. And this is going to come in the way of your SEO ranks. When taking care of the user experience, you will be on top of the analytics reports.

SEO shall always remain in that constant state of flux. Hence, it is essential you stay updated with the latest SEO trends and sync in your online marketing strategy accordingly. You should also make in all the required changes in your SEO strategy from time to time and remain flexible to online changes. It will help your website to perform better.

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