Crystalline Joomla Template

Crystalline is the new March 2010 Club Joomla Template released by RocketTheme. The best new thing in this joomla 1.5 template is that it comes with an easy to use color chooser. This enables you to customize your template as you want: choosing colors of texts, links, backgrounds, etc…

Crystalline is powered by the famous Gantry Framework and was build on the 960 grid system. The template comes with 12 preset styles, styled for RocketTheme extensions, dynamic module variations and with a complex administrator interface.

Crystalline Joomla Template Features:

  • 12 design styles
  • 68 module positions
  • 14 module variations
  • Color Chooser
  • custom typography
  • Fusion & Split Menu
  • XHTML and CSS valid
  • compatible with all major browsers

We can continue the list of features, but I suggest you to take a look at RocketTheme to find out more about Crystalline Template.

Kinetic Joomla 1.5 Template

RocketTheme has released the February 2010 Club Template for Joomla 1.5. The Kinetic template is perfect for those, who want to build a professional business website. The new joomla theme comes with a various styles, high flexibility and functionality, all offered by the powerful Gantry 2.0 Framework.

Kinetic Joomla Template Features

  • Gantry 2.0 Framework
  • 8 different color styles
  • 5 showcase variation
  • Styled for RT extensions
  • Fusion and Split menu styles
  • 20 module styles
  • over 60 module positions
  • compatible with all major web browsers
  • limited compatibility with IE
  • XHTML and CSS valid design

Dominion Joomla Template

Dominion Joomla Template, is the January 2010 RocketTheme product. The new template is very well customized and comes with amazing features. It also support the Gantry 2.0 framework. You need to know that all coming RT template will powered by Gantry. Visit RocketTheme to find out more about Gantry Framework.

Dominion Joomla Template

Beyond Gantry framework, the template have other amazing features like 6 different color styles and design including dark and light layouts and many more.

  • Gantry Framework 2.0
  • 100% CSS based design
  • 6 Style Variations, 18 Background Combination
  • RocketTheme Extensions Styling
  • JComments Styling
  • Custom Typography & Javascript Form Styling
  • Fusion Menu & SplitMenu
  • 5 Module Variations & over 60 module positions
  • High browser compatibility
  • XHTML and CSS valid design.

Reaction Joomla Template

Reaction Joomla Template, RocketTheme December 2009 Club Template is the first one, that is power by the brand new Gantry Framework. Gantry offer many features like the 960 grid layout and a complex administrative interface. Find out more about Gantry Framework on RocketTheme.

Reaction Joomla Template

Reaction RocketTheme Joomla Template comes with 6 different styles, each with 3 different background variation, that means 18design combination on one template. All these managed from the administrator panel with the template parameters.

The template also designed for RT Extensions and styled for JComments. With a wide range of custom typography, you are able to set up a very complex and clear content, easy to understand by your website visitors. There are available 3 module variations on over 60 module positions. This Blog Styled Joomla template is XHTML and CSS valid and it was tested with all major web browsers.

Iridium Joomla 1.5 Template

What is Iridium? It is the new november 2009 joomla 1.5 template released by RocketTheme. This amazing template comes with 6 different design styles. You can preview each design on the demo server. If you want to build a quality website based on joomla 1.5, related with music, racing, news, movies, video portal, or anything else, we recommend to use Iridium Joomla Template.

Iridium Joomla Template

Joomla 1.5 based template, designed in 6 colors styles, each style comes with 3 background variations, that can easy managed from the backend, using the template parameters. Each style have a full graphic background, a medium styling background, and a simple gradient background for those, who want to have a simple design. The template layout is SEO optimized, compatible with RocketTheme extensions and with K2 basic extension. The design also include java script styling and 4 modules styling. You can choose between the split menu and fusion menu, setting up the site navigation system. Iridium include 40 module positions, this gives you the power to set up a high complexity joomla based website. High compatibility with all major web browsers.

Iridium is not only a simple joomla template, this is art.

Infuse Joomla Template

Infuse RocketTheme October 2009 Joomla Template come with a fantastic and beautiful art design and functionality.Theme have 6 color styling, each with 3 different background option, 18 possible combination of design.

Infusion Joomla template have all the features that a professional joomla website need: 18 different design option, 6 different colors option, search engine optimized layout, RT extension, K2 and Javascript styling, Fusion and Split menu system, 28 module positions around the content area, compatibility with all major web browsers, XHTML and CSS valid.

If this is not enough visit RocketTheme to get more info about this professional joomla theme.

Joining the Club you will have full access to the support forum and to the Joomla Extension Pack developed by RT.

Moxy Joomla Template

Professional RocketTheme Joomla 1.5 Template with high quality design. This joomla template comes with 2 columns, drop-down menu effects, customized modules and 10 different color styling

The template includes the K2 component styling, it’s compatible with all major browsers, CSS and XHTML valid, SEF optimized layout, custom module and content styling.

Moxy Joomla Template comes with RokQuickCart shopping cart component with great features: add products easily, set tax and shipping information, paypal and google checkout as its payment system.

Nexus Joomla Template

Professional RocketTheme Joomla 1.5 Template with high quality design. This joomla template comes with 2 columns, drop-down menu effects, customized modules and 10 different color styling, and 35 module positions, that are awesome to customize your website as you want.

The template includes the K2 component styling, it’s compatible with all major browsers, CSS and XHTML valid, layout is SEF optimized.

Restaurant Joomla Template

With Akiraka RocketTheme Joomla 1.5 Template it’s very easy to build a website with various look and layouts styling. Restaurant Joomla Template comes with many different module positions, 10 different styles, tabs and search modules, horizontal menu box with delayed drop down effects, high quality design and many more features. This template gives unlimited possibilities of website creation.

Take a look at RocketTheme website and get more information about this template. Joomla Template Club start at only $50, and includes template forum support, video tutorials, and more…

Mixxmag Joomla Template

Building a news portal or just a simple website based on Joomla 1.5, you can’t miss to check out this great joomla template. RocketTheme designed this template with many features: 32 module positions, collapsing columns and modules, css styles only, without any tables, 10 different template styling (purple, blue, gray, light gray, light blue, green, etc.). You can create a cool many different layout and looks with just one single template.

The special module RokFeature, that allow to show most articles images and according texts via slide show, gives a special shade.

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