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Finally, our first Joomla! module has arrived. We have created a cool and simple menu module for the Joomla CMS, that comes with many features. First off, this is a mobile ready, responsive menu module, this means, it will work on smaller screens such as smart phones as well on larger screens such as laptops or desktop monitors.

So if you want a simple but elegant menu for your Joomla website, I highly recommend checking out or new menu module. Bellow you can see some screenshots of the different available styles as well the full documentation that will help you set up the menu just like in the online preview.

Works with Joomla: 2.5, 3.x (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 , 3.4)

The online demo of this module shows only one menu style, however from the parameter you can switch between light and dark color styles. I have created some screenshots to give you an idea on how the menu will look on your website.

JAW Menu in desktop view with light and dark style:

responsive menu light dark color desktop version

JAW Menu in mobile view with dark and light styles:

responsive mobile menu dark and light styles

Documentation – How to set up the menu?

The setup of this Joomla menu module is very simple as well the configuration. Here is the detailed step-by-step configuration process.

1. Download and install the module to you Joomla website using the Extensions Manager from the Joomla back-end.

2. Go to the Module Manager, find the “JoomlArtWork Menu” and edit it.

3. From the module parameters choose the menu you want to display; choose a module position where to display the menu, switch the module Status to “published” and in the Menu Assignment tab make it show On all pages.

publish responsive joomla menu

4. The other settings of the module will allow you to customize it: change link color, font family, use the FontAwesome library to display nice icons on each menu item

responsime menu module parameters

5. To display the FontAwesome icons here is what you have to do:

5.1 go to Menus > Your Menu and select (or create) a menu item

5.2 in the “Link Type” tab add to the “Link Title Attribute” the FontAwesome icon name you want to use for that menu item

For all FontAwesome icon names click here.

fontawesome menu icon joomla

We are planning to add more features to this module so if you have some special requests we want to include, please leave a replay below. Also if you have found a bug or any other problem with the module, please help us make it better and submit your observations below in the comment section.

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  1. Dansau

    How do a AW Menu in mobile view with dark and light styles ?

    Thanks in advance


    1. JAW Support

      The preview was not working, however there is a screenshot above with the light and dark styles as well.

  2. sole

    other modules have that ini file in mod_jawmenu. Does this modue have ini file so i can change at other languages?

    1. JAW Support

      The module is not translated, it is only available in English. We might consider including a translation file in the next update.

  3. loxlay

    how can the mobile menu activated on the iPad in the portrait view?
    Thanks, Robin

  4. Miroslav

    is it possible to in mobile where is position where write “Menu” there is logo image,

    is that possible to add in script.js?

    ty alot

  5. Marc

    Congratulations for your JAW menu module. I tested tens of modules and this one is easy to implement, smoothly integrated in the template, nice looking and well behaving both on PCs and smartphones.
    I would appreciate a small improvement for smartphones: on click on the menu button (the square with the 3 horizontal bars), the JAW menu should open fully expanded (on my site, a second click is required to expand the menu).
    In addition, a solution to make the menu floating and other styles would become very attractive and money worth.
    Best regards,

  6. Ricardo

    The jaw menu in mobile mode, when scrolling down, the menu closes making navigation impossible, is that a way to keep it open?

  7. Lars

    I use this Modual for a Page. But I have much points in the Menu. And when I Scroll down to see the points wich not displayed the Menu closes. Can you fix that?

  8. Lars

    I use this menu for a Page with much content. In the mobile Version I musst scroll down to see all points but than it closes. Can you fix it?

  9. Font size control

    I cannot see how to control font size in the menus. I configured it very easily and I like how it works on small screens but the standard font is way to big.

    1. JAW Support

      Thanks for the notice! The download link was broken, but it is fixed now. Try downloading again!

  10. Alicia

    Hi, Thanks for the great module.
    I just have a problem: on mobile horizontal view, the menu shows and stays open.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  11. foxo79

    I have the same problem like Alicia:
    on mobile horizontal view, the menu shows and stays open.
    Please fix it!

  12. Marlon Schmidt


    I want to reduce the margins on the right and the left side of the descriptions of the menu item, may I ask you to give us a hint, how I could do this? Also, how I could reduce font size.

    I just want to have the menu as a single-line.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Best regards

    Marlon Schmidt

  13. gkglitch

    First of all, thanks for the awesome menu module!
    I have a problem with the module though. When viewed on a small screen it won’t show on my homepage, but it does show on other pages, it then goed to responsive mode. It then adds , but it doesn’t do that on my homepage.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance

  14. TomFullen

    Thank you for sharing your mobile friendly menu. Very easy to setup and works great.

    However, after setting it up and viewing it the menu icon “hamburger” looks funny. There is only one thin line and one bold line. Confusing to some.

    Is there a way that I can fix this?

    Thanks for the help and again thanks for the great module.


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