Would you like to have a great website like CNN.com or FoxNews.com? Now you can own your own news portal website and can develop it yourself using the power of the Joomla CMS and the iJoomla News Portal Extension.

Joomla News Portal is a powerful extension that will help you to build your own portal in minutes, using your existing content.

The news are generated and updated automatically using your existing sections, categories and content items. New articles will appear at the top of the content, and flow from one area to another, creating a very dynamic page.

The news portal consists of three pages: home, section and categories page. Each of these pages has a different HTML layout with about 20 tags for each zone . You can reposition the zones and change the layout with a little or no HTML skill.

You can also change the settings for each zone and from the control panel, text orientation, size of images, fonts, colors, and any other element on the page.

The News Portal menu module will create an easy navigation for your visitors, between different sections and pages. Each section can have its own menu item with its own style. For example, if you display a banner related to computers and technology, you can choose to place the banner only in the computer section page.

Big companies spend massive money to have a news portal website. Now you can create your own news portal using the iJoomla News Portal Extension

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Joomla News Portal Extension

  • Super easy installation
  • Use of existing content
  • Choose the sections, categories and articles to display
  • Show your most popular articles
  • Advanced style control
  • Smooth article flow for easy surfing
  • Smart image handling
  • Create a Joomla Newspapaer
  • Create an online Joomla Magazine
  • Or just create a more attractive Joomla site!

What you get with Joomla News Portal

  • 1 Joomla News Portal component
  • Section menu module ( This module displays a menu with links to all your sections/category joomla news pages)
  • 20 zones!
  • 3 layouts (Home, section page, category page)
  • Total style control (No HTML or CSS knowledge is necessary)
  • A truly useful Joomla component that will make your site look great!
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