JA Lime Joomla 1.5 Template

JA Lime is the February 2010 club template released by JoomlArt Template Club. As you will see in the live demo, JA Lime has a modern and relative simple design and it’s mos recommended for blogs. The source files and the well commended css and php files will help you to customize the template for any website.

JA Lime Joomla Template Features

  • modern and simple design
  • 3 columns layout
  • 5 color styles
  • 100% CSS Joomla Template
  • Compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • 4 Menu Types
  • validated with CSS and XHTML
  • source PSD and Font files included
  • well commented, easy to customize CSS and PHP files
  • compatible with all major web browsers

Rasite Joomla 1.5 Template

January 2010 Club Joomla Template was released by JoomlArt. Beautiful design, powerful template for flexible joomla website. This is how we can describe the JA Rasite Template. Designed for games portal and online community websites, build on JA Template Framework, JA Rasite is not only a beautiful joomla template, but also comes with the following features:

JA Rasite Joomla Template

  • 3 columns based layout
  • 100% CSS designed template
  • 9 different color variations (dark and light colors also)
  • 5 different top menu styles
  • compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • XHTML and CSS valid
  • PSD and FONT files included
  • high browser compatibility

JA Seleni Web 2.0 Joomla Club Template

JA Seleni JoomlArt November 2009 joomla template offer wide range of possibilities to build a professional, web 2.0 designed joomla website. With a modern lookout and well organized css and php files, it’s very easy to set up a high quality, complex technology website. Ja Seleni is not only recommended for tech or computer joomla websites, you can use it for any category website.

JA Seleni Joomla Template

  • Modern and beautiful web 2.0 design
  • 3 columns layout
  • 5 different colors: orange, green, brown, violet, and the default black
  • 100% CSS based design
  • Compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • CSS and XHTML valid template
  • Source files included: PSD, FONT and PHP files.
  • Tested on all major web browses
  • well commented css files that help very much in template customization.

JA Kyanite CSS Joomla Template

Each joomla user dream is a faster website. For a faster joomla website you will need a fast joomla template. JoomlArt has published a new css styling technique for their November 2009 JA Kyanite Joomla Template, that improve the joomla website loading time. This amazing template is not only a fast loading joomla theme, with their beautiful design, light colored styling, custom colors and module styling it gives a very attractive and user friendly feeling from the first preview.

JA Kyanite Joomla Template

  • Modern and beautiful design
  • 3 columns based layout
  • 4 color options managed from the template parameter (orange, green, red, blue)
  • CSS based design
  • Compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • 4 menu option (JoomlArt specific menu styling)
  • Validated with CSS and XHTML
  • High web browser compatibility
  • Joomla template delivered with FONTS and PSD source files.
  • and much more…

JA Halite – Corporate Joomla Template

JA Halite, Copropare Joomla Template from JoomlArt, that comes with 10 different colors styling. Behind the beautiful designs and colors, the template also include many customization option, like multiple columns and modules possibility.

This Joomla 1.5 Template also have different menu options like css menu, split and moo menu, and mega menu. 15 different modules positions, 10 colors, easy and fast customization, allow to build unlimited websites with unlimited designs possibilities. Don’t forget, that the design is based only on CSS codes, and the designs source files are included in the template download.

Validated with CSS and XHTML, and compatible with many major web browsers.

JA Tenline III – News Portal Joomla 1.5 Template

Building a news portal joomla website, or just need a high quality joomla template, you should know a few things about JA Tenline III

Simple and clear design, multiple and custom colors for each section, multi layouts and modules, iphone and handheald support, multiple blocks layout. The download includes all psd and font files for easy and fast customization.

Joining the club, you will get the newest joomla component JA Voice. in 30 days trial version.

100% css design, tested with all major web browsers, valid CSS and XHTML.

Blog Joomla Template – JoomlArt

Beautiful new joomla template from JoomlArt. This great template was special created for blogs, but it could be used for any joomla 1.5 website. With 3 columns, 10 different styling and 6 different colors design, light and dark background colors help you to build a unique blog.

The top horizontal menu is designed with 3 different styling: split menu, moo menu and css based menu. All these could be choose from the administrator panel in template parameters section.

Valid CSS and XHTML design, 100% without tables, based only on CSS codes, tested with all major web browsers.

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