joomla 3.5 version

It has already been a month since the new version of Joomla was released. If you didn’t read the official website, you probably noticed in your Joomla website’s back-end that there is a new updated available.

But let’s see what is different with the new version. Joomla 3.5 introduces 34 new features, the most important being the support for the recently released PHP 7 language. This new update of PHP comes with significant improvements at the performance level. That said, your Joomla 3.5 site will be even faster than before (sure if your server supports PHP 7 already).

Here is a list with the other significant changes that come with Joomla 3.5:

  • Users now can download information about system and environment which was impossible before
  • The Protostart template now supports custom css added by user. This allows the developer to customize the template more easily.
  • In the category manager now you can see how many published, unpublished or trashed articles are in the system
  • Random ordering option for articles in blog category is also a new feature
  • New buttons has been added to the article editor toolbar which allows you to easily insert images, add a read more button or insert a module in your article.
  • Image upload is easier now too. Just drag and drop the image into the content from your computer and the system will automatically upload it to your website. This feature works in other parts too where TinyMCE is used.

You can learn more about Joomla 3.5 here.

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