Out-Of-Stock, Expired Products & Seasonal Products

Dealing with out-of-stock products and expired/obsolete products has always been a massive worry for any SEO expert in the E-commerce field. The first thing that we must do is avoid conflating the issue of a product that will be back soon with a product that has completely expired. Products that have completely expired from your website should be removed completely you should have a re-direct page or 404 page for anyone that attempts to enter that page. For seasonal products try to make clear in as many places as possible that the product will return, consider adding information regarding the season of the product in the metadescription, add dates for its return on your website and possibly a pre-order option, but you should avoid deleting it completely. Take similar action with out-of-stock products delete only if you will not have them back, give an option for pre-order and provide links to similar products on the product page. The main difference between seasonal and out-of-stock products is that your optimisation is going to be more rigid due to the fact that your products will become in stock and out of stock more so than seasonal products.

Utilising Schema

Schema is a very important tool in the world of SEO, and it’s especially important in the world of ecommerce. The topic of schema in e-commerce could warrant an entire blog post so in this blog post we’re just going to briefly go over some of the things you should include in your schema for the purpose of e-commerce, specifically we’re looking at the product field of schema. In this you can specify the price, the currency, name, image availability & description. Whilst this will not have a massive effect on your search rankings it will greatly improve your chances of having a rich snippet included in the SERP’s which will in turn in drastically improve your conversion rates as customers will know if their product meets their requirements before visiting your page.

Content on Product Pages:

There are several issues with content on product pages one the main issues is the lack of content on the product page. You’ll mainly feature a description of the product specified by a manufacturer, perhaps altered slightly to make it more catchy, but this will mean that there will be a lack of keyword rich content. As you won’t really be able to feature a lot of content on specific product pages there are two ways around it, firstly allow users to generate content through a review and comment system, secondly design blog posts that specifically discuss the topic in extensive lengths, when doing so make these posts keyword rich and link back to your main product page.

Web design and E-commerce:

Ensuring that your website is designed and regularly updated is essential for any successful e-commerce related website. There are several areas that you must look at, firstly ensure that the hosting package that you have bought is adequate to meet the needs of the level of traffic you’re your site is reaching. Ensure that you have a web developer that is minimising scripts and optimising images to ensure a fast page speed, if you’re not sure if the page speed is adequate check out Google’s Page Speed checker.  Ensure the developer is creating a layout and navigation system

SEO for e-commerce websites is different from traditional SEO.

Ranking Product Variations

Product variations can cause an SEO nightmare if not done correctly, as you may manage to get your product page ranking for one variation of your product but not the other. For the most part this won’t have a massive impact for example people searching for a Blue iPhone and those searching for a Pink iPhone will have a similar search in Google e.g  “iPhone 7 buy online”, and then simply select the colour but if different models are on the same page then you’ll need to optimise the product page by having strong H1 tags, keyword rich content and blog posts that interlink with the variations’ name as anchor text.

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