joomla 3 admin password reset

There could be many reasons why you would want to reset the Super User password in Joomla. The most common reason why people reset their Joomla website’s admin password is because they simply forget it. Another case is when the website is hacked and the admin user is deleted or the password is changed.

Changing the password of a registered Joomla user is easy, it can be done on “forgot password page” by requesting a new password via email. When you try to request a password reminder for the Super user, an error notice will pop up with these instructions:

joomla super user password reset error

If your website has multiple admin users, you can ask another admin to set a temporary password to login with and make the necessary changes, however if your website has one single admin account, you have to use the “alternative” method. You will need to change the password from the database.

joomla phpmyadmin password resetTo access your database, you will have to login to your web hosting control panel and use the phpMyAdmin software to easily access the database. In case you have multiple databases on your hosting account, and you don’t know which database is used by the Joomla website, you find it from the configuration.php file that is located in the folder where your website is installed. To access this file you can use the FTP or the FileManager from your hosting control panel. Once you opened the file, look for the following line:

public $db = ‘dabase_name’;

Now go to phpMyAdmin and find the database and access the _users table. This holds all the information about registered users as well about admins.

joomla users table database

If there are many users in the database, using the quick filtering options you can easily find the user you are looking for; once you found it click the “edit” button. You will be redirected to a new page that contains the encrypted password of your user. You can use some online decryption tools to find out what the old password is, however if you want to quickly get it done, change the password Function to MD5 and type in the new password in the Value field. Hit the GO button to save the settings.

md5 password reset phpmyadmin

Now you are done; go to the administrator page of your Joomla site and login with the new password.

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