It is almost 2019 and already brands are looking for some fresh ways to get IG followers and some extra likes on Facebook. There are some tips rounded for each channel in question, just to make this year a successful one for your brand. First of all, it is mandatory to note that great content marketers are well-aware that followers on IG and Facebook are not enough as you have to work on your social engagement too. That will help your band get the best results for the current channels.

A pretty example might help you t understand the situation better. The new feature from Facebook namely news feed will not show your post automatically to those who follow you. For that, you have to match up with the news feed criteria. In case, you have mastered the art of engaging your visitors then the time has come to broaden up your efforts a bit more and work on ways to increase your current social following. At the end of the day, you don’t have to buy instagram followers always if you can follow the right steps on time. It is no doubt that having more followers can increase the chances of capturing attention of potential customer or lead.

Dealing with the Instagram profile:

It is always so vital to optimize IG profile as it is the very first thing users will see whenever landing on IG page. For that, following some basic rules and points might sort out your option well on time.

  • For the rule number one which isn’t a brainer, you have to check on your profile. Is it set for the public or for the private group only? Always remember to open the account for public view only or else you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities associated with follower’s attention.
  • Now the time has come to add URL to the bio. However, if that is a long one then always be sure to use link shortener for making the services a lot easier than before. The main aim over here is to ensure that everything seems readable within a compact space.
  • Another primary thing to consider is to check your profile. Did you ever choose a name, which can be searched easily? If not, then give it a try without wasting time no more.
  • On the other hand, you have to be thoroughly sure that the profile picture matches well with the brand. You want the platform to be easily recognizable to followers. So, in case you have the same company’s logo on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, and IG accounts, then it becomes easier for the followers to find you.
  • Do you have a short bio and to the point? In case the answer is not, you might have to reduce it into a single tagline.  When it comes to Facebook, a detailed description is acceptable, but that’s not what you can expect to add in Instagram. In IG, you have to work with less space and characters, so make sure to work on your bio accordingly.

You do not have to overwhelm your visitors with long descriptions. Try to always keep it sweet and short and still on brand!

Posts made on Instagram:

You may have an entire team in love with IG and want to post on behalf of your firm. Everyone has a smartphone these days and might want to share some of the latest updates. With the help of so many filters and whole wide ranges of options, this space might look disjointed if way too many people get to log in and post for the brand. Lastly, you have to think about your IG feed as it that was a magazine cover for your brand. Think about it well. Can you find any picture irrelevant to your business in that sector?

On the other hand, you have IG live stories for you to consider. It is one big thing that you can bet to grow in this year associated with live stories for multiple brands. To hit it off, think about events, which are coming up for your firm, right from major to minor. Depending on the said brand, consider highlighting some occurrences in the live story for engaging visitors further and increasing followers.

Want to try something new? You can have a live Q&A with a member of your firm. On the other hand, you can try focusing on a competition or giveaway. Here, the sky is the limit over here. Whenever the engagement goes up, you can bet that the number of followers will increase too.

For the Facebook profile:

You might have created a profile in FB years ago or you might have opened it recently. In any way possible, ensure to cover all bases thoroughly. But in any way possible, you have to cover all bases. It is always easier for the users to get frustrated with the page, which might look out of date. By having that detailed “about us” section, you can increase your business credibility to a great extent. Any updated FB profile will have:

  • Professional “about us” section an overview of the company. It will further have updated URL to the website.
  • It should have updated email for users to get into contact and adding opening hours if the business operates at specified times.
  • Always remember that the profile photo and the banner are current and will be designed to fit template space of FB.
  • You might have to include the tag of your company’s category along with the location.

Dealing with FB posts:

Those days are long gone when you have to set up a status for your FB account once and kept it forgotten. Marketers can always strategize every post possible and test to see which are the ones working better than others. Always check out the posts getting more engagement. Those posts are the one with the common theme or any specified voice tone to which users will respond favorably. Always follow these rules for increasing likes in FB.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can get some help from insta4likes, at the same time.

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