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What does customer loyalty mean to you? If the customers end up buying from you each time, does that mean they are loyal? If your answer to the preceding question is “Yes,” you need to rethink. There are several reasons why customers buy from a brand. You might be a cost-effective provider. Or they might feel it is “too much of an effort” looking for another company that provides similar services. Or probably, your customers might already be in the process of looking for some other product/services provider. You never know!

Several ecommerce store owners of today have their e-stores built on Magento. However, they find it difficult retaining their customers or keeping them hooked to their store. Well, just so that you know, the journey of attracting customers and to keep them coming back starts right from the day you go for ecommerce web development. You must have a customer retention strategy in place before you launch your website.

But before we bring those pointers to you, we would like to bring to you some reasons why your customers leave:

  1. Your Magento Store offers a complicated user experience
  2. Your content is not articulate
  3. There are flaws in your shipping
  4. Payment methods are not up to the mark
  5. You are unaware about what your customers want

So, what does it take to ensure that your customers keep hooked to your ecommerce store and keep coming back? Here are some of the pointers you can consider:

Have an Email Marketing Strategy in place

If you think that your engagement with customers gets over once they have checked out, you might be wrong. “Well, I always follow up with emails and make order confirmations.” You might say. But that is not enough. You need to proactively send thank you emails, reply to customer criticism, and keep in touch regarding discounts and other offers.

In short, you must communicate about everything that your brand stands for. If possible, also embed social media buttons with your website so that your customers can share their opinions and communicate with your brand easily.

Influence through Social Media

Customers often prefer to buy products liked or used by their peers and friends. This clearly reveals the consumer psyche. And that’s why you can make the most out of social media to keep customers engaged to your store. Share about your products on social networking pages. You can either post a picture of unique products available at your store or ask other people to upload the images of products they bought from your store.

The relevant hashtags or good comments about the product are sure to bring more customers to your store. You can also offer gift coupons, hold contests and implement other marketing strategies to turn your social media page into a hive of activities.

Simplify the Checkout Experience

A long and complicated checkout process gives birth to boredom. Customers are often compelled to register their account in the store for the next time they make any purchase. And this compulsion often leads to cart abandonments and customers never returning back.

To get rid of cart abandonments, you need to modernize your store checkout process. There are many Magento development service companies that provide a 2 step presumptive checkout process. It comes with an automated card detection with an option of registering an account. It is as simple as it sounds.

Keep them Coming Back

It often happens that people browse on site and leave without making any purchase. And most of the times, this happens not because your webstore has glitches, but customers need a nudge to come back. They need guest like treatment.

Here, you can use the social media ad retargeting method. You can retarget them by showing specific ads related to the product they were browsing on their social media with the help of cookies. Make emotionally compelling ads about the product with creative headlines. You can even use statements like “Limited period offer”, “Buy one get one free” etc. They would work wonders when it comes to retargeting.

Give Them a Response

Anyone feels ignored or insulted if they don’t get any response. And so do your customers. And without a response, communication process is sure to linger! Therefore, responding to a question or even a statement becomes imperative.

Once your customers buy something from your store, conduct an after sales activity asking them how they felt about your product. Respond to their positive feedback by thanking them and see what else they want. Don’t be dismissive about negative comments. Respond in a polite manner and ask them how you can help serve them in a better way or what they require. This will help you bring the disappointed customers back.

We hope these pointers will come of help when you go for ecommerce web development. And aid in keeping customers hooked to your ecommerce store.  Can you think of any other ways? Please feel free to share with us!

Author Bio: The author is the founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a  leading Magento development company in India. He also runs Biztech blog, where he shares insights from the world of e-commerce and other web-based technologies.

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