Strategies are important for SEO because it provides the roadmap for going forward by keeping in tune with the best practices.  Although SEO strategies alone can never help to win yet, it remains critical to shaping the fortunes of marketers.   Indeed, there are some strategies which when used consistently can enhance the chances of success by helping to get closer to the top ranks in search results.  While SEO takes time to show results, some marketers are keen to use PPC or pay per click marketing together with SEO under the guidance of some Washington DC advertising company that specializes in online advertising that forms the foundation of PPC.

What kind of SEO strategies you should rely upon for judging the effectiveness of SEO will become apparent on reading this article. The strategies are time-tested and based on the best practices prevailing at this point. Any changes that might happen to SEO will likely affect some of the strategies which you should review and then realign it in a new context. The strategies included here have the backing of extensive research and based on the experience of some experts who have tested its effectiveness.

Optimize for mobile devices

It has been two years now that mobile searches overtook desktop searches in 2016. Therefore, it needs no special mention that you have to optimize your website for mobile devices. Besides, towards the end of 2016 Google announced its policy for mobile first indexing. This has changed the traditional approach of indexing by Google that has moved away from crawling the desktop version of websites first and using it as the primary search index. Nowadays, the mobile version of websites has become the primary source for indexing. Prioritizing the mobile content and mobile site has now become almost mandatory.

Optimize for voice search

Voice searches are growing at a rapid pace, and it should not be surprising if the trend keeps continuing because technology has improved the voice recognition accuracy that is now hovering around 99%. The impact of technological advancement is a sign for significant changes in the way people conduct searches on the internet with voice searches likely to become the staple choice of internet users. You have to optimize content for voice searches, or else you would surely be losing the competitive advantage.

Content-based link building

Acquiring external links or backlinks remains one of the top ranking factors for Google together with RankBrain and content.  Several studies have corroborated this fact. Some studies have even shown that the links are much more potent in boosting SEO than we knew earlier. However, links alone are of no use unless it has the backing of quality content.  Only when the content is relevant and useful for viewers that the links generated from it become more valuable.

Think about using shorter URLs

It has been the norm for many years to use URLs that are descriptive and usually longer but now it seems that things are set to change. Some recent studies have revealed that shorter URLs could also be quite useful in pushing up search rankings.  Although there is no defined guideline about the appropriate length of URL, try to use the primary keywords within the first five words of the URL because anything beyond it does not earn much credit from Google. Staying as close to the limit of 5 words seems to be a sensible approach.

Optimize for rich snippets

A great way of increasing website visibility is to ensure that it appears in the rich answers or snippets that focus on industry-related common queries. To make your website appear in rich answers, you have to optimize it accordingly. One way of doing it is to ask some questions explicitly in the content. You can also include a direct answer followed by backing information that is more in-depth and create question answer pages.

Optimize for local searches

With mobile searches becoming the prime focus for marketers it is only logical that they are keen to give more emphasis to local searches that mostly happen on mobile devices. If you have a local interest in business, then you should optimize your website for local searches. Research for local keywords that help customers locate your business easily when they search for some local sources on their mobile devices.

Insert related keywords in the content

Gone are the days when selected keywords used to comprise of one or two words or phrases because the span of searching has now included more variety of keywords that are longer but related to the primary keyword. Keyword characteristics have changed as semantic keywords closely connected to the main topic are quite useful. The choice of keywords tells Google about how intensively the keywords relate to the entire topic thereby indicating a more balanced approach to content creation.

Aim at improving the user experience

Providing good user experience has always been important for earning good ranks, but there was no direct relationship between the bounce rates, click through rates, etc., the metrics used for judging user experience. However, a study by Moz sometime in 2016 has shown that CTR of high ranked pages is also high. To hold on to the top ranks, it becomes imperative for websites to have better CTR.  Effectively, you have to focus on providing a better user experience that increases CTR while also work hard for earning high ranks.

Create long-form content

For long, the quality of content has been very important, but now the length of content too is a criterion to rank well. Indeed, the size of content does not really matter unless it is of good quality but to write something comprehensively you have to provide well-researched information that could run into a few pages.  Quality content is seldom skimpy and short which is the reason why the focus has shifted to long-form content.

Having done everything, you have to make your website speedy because once again it leads to better user experience and the page opening speed is now a ranking factor too.

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