Website design using dotnetnuke tools is a complicated process. However, you can now do this from the comfort of your homes. You no longer need a professional designer to design your own website. Currently, you can do website design projects using the dotnetnuke tools without as much as batting an eyelid. Although, you may not know website design, learning how to do it from YouTube tutorials and some other websites is always possible. Online tutorials have made easy the DIY type website design projects. However, there are some important ideas that need to be shared here for obtaining a successful dotnetnuke web development project. If a designer and a client follow the principles laid down below, they are sure to achieve a successful web development project.

1. Define the project

The client needs to define the project properly. He needs to specify whether it is a redesign project or a complete overhaul of an existing site. Having knowledge about the scope of work will enable a web designer to plan his project. Planning, in turn, will help him cost the project. By calculating the time likely to be taken for the project, the web developer will give the client an approximate estimate of the likely cost of the work.  For this, the client needs to give his designer detailed descriptions about what he is looking for. The more information the client gives the designer, the more accurate will be the latter’s response.

2. Answer developer questions

A designer will ask a number of questions before he takes up your work. He will probe regarding the various features to be provided in the web design project. He will ask in-depth questions on the nature of the website. The designer will also inquire about the number of pages the website will have. The designer will need to know whether the website will be a static or a dynamic one. The web designer will pose these and many more questions to the client. The client would do well to answer all of them as accurately as he can so that the web designer can give him an accurate estimate of the time, cost and quality of the web design project.

3. Do proper documentation

Documentation is a necessity in any project, whether it is a web design project or a construction project. The web designer should document each communication that happens between the client and himself. Moreover, he should also request the client to ask for a project brief in writing. The client on his part can make the changes he proposes to make on paper by sharing drawings of what he wants from the designer. These drawings will form a part of the documentation for the project. When the client and web designer start working together, they should sign a contract, which specifies the duties of the client and the designer. Having such a written document will avoid any disputes later.

4. Keep the communication lines open

A website design project may take weeks or even months to complete. In some cases, it may even take years. During this long period, the requirements and the deliverables of the customer and the designer are kept on paper so that none of them are forgotten. They should constantly communicate with each other during the tenure of the website design project. This will improve the understanding between the customer and the designer and that in turn will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.  The designer would do well to keep communicating with his client while he works on the project. He should continuously seek client approvals on every small thing he does for the project.

5. Easy website administration

While working on the dotnetnuke web development framework, a designer or for that matter a layperson does not require any programming knowledge to get to a successful website design project. The designer can be a layman and still successfully execute the best website design project. Using the dotnetnuke tools leads to effective website administration. Moreover, it is also one of the quickest and easiest way to a successful dotnetnuke website development project. Using this framework, the designer and the customer will be able to forge a mutually beneficial relationship while they work on the project. Establishing such a relationship itself will give you a successful website design project.

6. Easy to use

The dotnetnuke framework is easy to use. It is user-friendly and it is built in such a way that it allows designers to keep an eye on all aspects of their project. Additionally, it also provides a well-worked out user interface, which in turn allows ease of operation. Therefore, the easy to use feature of the dotnetnuke framework will enable a designer to secure a successful website design project.  As it is easy to use, a designer can take on more projects at a time and can earn more revenue. Much of the easy to use fact also depends on the designer’s skill.

7. Advanced features

The dotnetnuke framework possesses advanced features. These are more than the features provided by your homegrown application. Additionally, the dotnetnuke is a framework, which is continuously evolving, which means it comes out with something new periodically. These innovations provide web design projects with their multi-functionality. This in turn helps a designer to cater to diverse needs of the client. Designers can also save development time by using the dotnetnuke framework. Suffice to say that using the dotnetnuke web development features into your web design projects will ensure that all your projects will turn out to be successful.

There are many modules available in the dotnetnuke web development framework, which allows designers to provide a greater functionality to their websites. First, there is the announcement module, which allows some data on the website to be hidden from view of the public. Then there is the banner module, which allows the management of a website design project. Then there is the documents module that helps store all the documents related to the project. Finally, there is the HTML module, which provides for input of simple formatted text on the website.

Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a  web designer, web developer,Blogger at  AIS Technolabs – a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Dnn Development,web design,mobile app etc…

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