A lot has changed since mobile took over the desktop. The way people consume data and information is drastically different from how it was ten years ago. There was a time when people solely relied on newspapers and magazines. There was a restriction imposed by time and whereabouts. Right now, people can access new information anywhere and everywhere thanks to uninterrupted network on their mobile devices. They no longer need to find kiosks to buy newspapers or a TV set to watch the news. The world is available on the palm of their hands with the click of one button.

Along with lifestyle and financial choices, marketing and advertising have evolved as well. Since digital media are rapidly taking over their print counterparts, it has become imperative for all marketing agencies and their clients to remain on top of the latest tech as well. While no one can tell for sure what the pros of digital marketing against traditional marketing are, we can confirm that digital marketing strategy is a must-have for every new company right now.

Digital marketing does not cost a fortune

There was a time when businesses believed that digital marketing demands unlimited resources and tons of money. However, records show that even the small companies and start-ups can now leverage certain aspects of digital marketing. Brands finally realize that digital is all about growth and reach, and it does not depend upon the size, industry, and location of a business. Digital marketing costs lesser than its traditional counterparts. It is a wholesome effort that encompasses social media efforts, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and email marketing. Digital marketing channels are always cost-effective, and they minimize the expenses on the underperforming campaigns from the beginning.

Digital marketing narrows the gap between large and small businesses

Digital marketing has leveled the ground for all competing brands – big and small. The smaller names and new ventures can start with the same resources the larger companies now have. While larger companies tend to focus on impressive campaigns with lucrative sales, discount offers and mass reaching emailers, the smaller companies always have the option of focusing on improving their market presence and build a dedicated audience. It has closed the gap between the marketing efforts of the large and small companies, by giving every participant the access to similar resources.

It keeps your marketing efforts quantifiable

Digital marketing is not just easy to master, it is also measurable. You can quantify the progress of your brand efforts with ease. The presences of multiple marketing metrics like bounce rate, dwell rate, CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate keeps the expense-to-returns ratio measurable. Your marketing agency needs to have the latest tracking tools that can give you details analysis of the expenses and the returns, comparison charts of quarterly sales, schematics of your visitor’s journey and the general performance of your new marketing model. Visit Online Impact 360 SEO to find out which tools you need to monitor your digital journey.

Digital marketing will improve organic traffic and rankings

These digital marketing efforts make your online presence more prominent to all your followers and potential customers. Apart from enhancing the user’s journey across the website, your visitors will also be able to find your site quickly in the Google SRL. SEO helps Google and other search engines understand the purpose of your website. With the right digital marketing efforts, your current SEO efforts should improve as well. That should improve your Google ranking. Today, online business is all about visibility. Even if you are not offering online sales and services, your company should have an online presence, so your potential customers know about your existence. Digital marketing can cement your presence in the new digital world for your followers.

It will help with your existing SEO strategies

You may already have some SEO, SEM and other digital strategies in place. Do you know if they are in need of improvement? Digital strategies need several adjustments since Google algorithms, and people’s demands are ever-changing. It might be time for you to compare your old strategy to a new one the experts recommend. However, overhauling your entire digital presence is not as simple as renovating your brick-and-mortar shop. You will need help from reliable digital marketing agencies for changing the current status of your business. It will require detailed A/B tests to ensure that the new ideas are in fact better than the older strategies. If you have print marketing in place, similar A/B testing can work there too. For example – geo-targeting with the same words you use online will work for your offline audience as well.

It is the time of mobile users. Your content should be reachable via mobile phones, tablets, and phablets. There should be no discrimination as per the device the visitor uses. That calls for responsive sites with flexible and retina-ready layouts. These factors are significant for good SEO as well. Over 80% of the users now have mobile phones, and they spend over 2 hours per day on it. To reach your target audiences, you must perfect your mobile strategies and never ignore the power of digital.

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