If your template have a suckerfish menu option and you want to create drop-down sub menus, this tutorial will help you to do this.

  1. Login to your joomla administrator panel
  2. Go to the Menus menu and select the menu, where you want to add a sub menu. Select for example the Top Menu item
  3. Create a new menu pressing the New button on the right of the screen, choose where you want to link that menu (to an article or component, or maybe an external link)
  4. In the Title and Alias box insert the menu name.
  5. Now, to create a sub menu, you need to choose a parent menu from the Parent Item box.
  6. Save the menu, and you are done!

Note: don’t forget to activate in the module manager for the menu module to show up the sub menu items.

If you want to see how we created a sub menu item, just watch the following video:

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