The digital marketing landscape has undergone some significant changes in the last two decades. It has set some new rules of the game and affected the core strategies of marketing. The online marketing features have become much more non-intrusive. Today, for effective marketing you have to speak as little or nothing about selling or marketing but convey value to consumers by engaging with them closely.

To succeed in the intensely competitive SEO landscape, you have to embrace value-based SEO. What value you pass on to consumers through your marketing campaigns matter most and makes all the difference in marketing. The worst mistake is to pitch loudly for sales that consumers dislike, and you must take a more subdued approach about selling. Instead, you should help consumers to make well-informed decisions that give them the pleasure of deriving value from it.

To convey value to consumers, you have to create content to communicate with them, and this has given rise to content marketing. Since the purpose of sharing content is to inform and educate consumers to help them take some affirmative action that spells business, you have to use content marketing along with SEO.

SEO provides the platform for propagating content which is why both from the technical and marketing perspective these marketing techniques go hand in hand.  For the well being of business, you have to combine SEO with content marketing.

For delivering value to consumers, marketers have to engage closely with them throughout their buying journey. That has been the experience of the professionals involved in providing Vision smash SEO services.

In this method of marketing, marketers play the role of friend, philosopher and guide for consumers and help them to take a decision based on sound reasoning and not driven by emotion. It creates a win-win situation for both marketers and buyers as it allows buyers to avoid the pitfalls of impulsive buying that they might lament later while marketers get ample opportunity of influencing the decision of buyers. The impact of content marketing is well felt by consumers as well as search engines.

Have a say in consumer’s buying decisions

Every marketer wants to influence the buying decision of consumers without annoying them, and the best way of doing it is to use proper content that generates awareness so that they find value in the content. Studies have shown that content marketing provides high SEO returns which is the reason that marketers are eager to explore more of its potential.

The teams looking after SEO and content marketing have to work in unison and harmony because of their mutual dependence that helps both techniques to flourish. It is essential to understand how to leverage SEO and content strategies at every stage of the buyer’s journey that helps to deliver maximum value to consumers and increase the prospects of conversion. This article should help you to take the right steps that can drive the marketing campaign in the right direction.

Generate awareness about brands

Consumers become familiar with brands only when marketers create brand awareness campaigns to bring brands closer to them. Building brand awareness is critical because it provides elaborate information about brands that help consumers to find some solutions to problems that they might be facing.  Brand awareness affects buyers differently in different stages of the buying funnel. For someone who has made up his/ her mind about some brand, the information gathered about the brand could help to reinforce the decision to buy it.

Some other buyers who are just in the process of getting familiar with the brand would use the information to get an introduction about the brand, and the content should aim at generating brand authority that builds trust.

Choose the right content to influence consumer minds

The most powerful content that controls the buying decision of consumers is the educational content that provides some learning experience to buyers so that they can base their decision on the information gathered. How much value the content conveys determines the extent of trust and affinity it can generate among consumers for the brand.

To know which kind of content the audience would like, conduct some research that should help to know what type of content would please them. Long form content is excellent for providing elaborate and valuable information and videos, white papers, e-books and know-how guides are very helpful to convey high value to consumers. For doing well in search rankings and to dominate SERPs pay attention to content optimization based on the probable queries that might come from consumers.

Nurture brand affinity

Conveying value through content acquires much more important during the early stages of generating brand awareness. The concept of value changes as consumers progresses along the buying funnel because their expectations keep changing.  For consumers located at the mid-zone of the purchasing funnel the best content is that which provides solutions that they are looking for. The zone is particularly crucial because consumers make comparisons between brands at this stage and develop an affinity for some particular brand.

It means that the seeds of business are sown at this stage as consumers make up their mind about brand preference. The content type served at this stage should have some educational value that helps to understand why your solutions are different from many others that consumers have come across. Datasheets, buyer guides, and case studies are the most appropriate content to drive consumers towards brands.

Making sales happen

Having traveled so far with the prospective buyer, you have reached the final stage where you have to close the deal on a positive note because it is now time to convert the buyer into a customer. Branded keywords that express the intent of the solution are most potent because it ensures maximum visibility when people search for those keywords. Product testimonials, pricing, and reviews are the most relevant content that helps in positive closure.

Content strategies aligned with SEO can lead to better marketing gains provided you are ready to face the challenges with grit and commitment.

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