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As a business owner you may be concerned about the uptime of your Joomla website. You can’t stay in front of your computer all day long and check if your site works or not. Fortunetly you can check the uptime of your Joomla website with automated tools.

In the following I will show you 5 tools which will help you determine the uptime of your Joomla website.


uptimerobot free uptime monitor joomla

In my opinion this is the best uptime monitoring service, because it is 100% free. UptimeRobot allows you to have 50 monitors, each being checked every 5 minute. The process is very simple; you don’t need to install anything to your site. Just sign up to UptimeRobot and add your website. You can enable alerts too via email, SMS, twitter and other forms. The system will provide stats on uptime, downtime and response time too.

If a downtime happens, the system automatically verifies your website again from a different location to ensure that the status they report is correct. If there is a downtime, you will get a notification, if this is activated. There is also an API available which enables you to get the data from UptimeRobot and integrate it into your tool or software. I bet there is any sort of extension for Joomla that integrates with UptimeRobot.

Public stats are not available yet, but it looks like the UptimeRobot team is planning to build such features too. The free account keeps the logs for 2 months only. You can opt for a paid account that starts at $4.5 per month if you want the logs to be stored for 12 months. This plan also includes 10 Pro SMS credits.


pingdom uptime performance monitoring joomla websites

Pingdom is another uptime and performance monitoring tool that you can use for your Joomla website. Unfortunately this is a paid tool, however there is a trial period which allows you to try it out for free.

Pingdom offers five different plans for different type of websites: personal site or blog, small business sites up to enterprise level. With this tool you can check your website every minute from different locations. You can also create public status page which is great for sharing uptime status with your co-workers or users.

Each plan includes live support by email and chat and some plans include phone support as well. You can set up SMS alerts. This is very useful, because you will get a notification to your mobile phone if there is any problem with your website. The Starter plan is available from $13.95 / month.


uptrends powerful uptime monitor joomla

Uptrends is another commercial website monitoring service, with 30 day trial period. This company also offers multiple website monitoring plans for different needs.

Their smallest plan, Starter is recommended for personal websites and starts at $13.35 monthly billed annually. It includes 10 basic monitors and can be setup to have 1-60 minute check interval. This account includes 1 operator, which means, that one user can be setup to receive alerts if there is a problem with the monitored website. Additional operators can be added to the account at extra cost.

The Starter plan also includes 60 SMS alerts. The online support is only available through email for this and other basic plans. Their most popular plan is Business, which is available from $31.97 monthly and includes lots of extra features compared to the basic plans as well support through phone and email.


monitis joomla server uptime monitor

Monitis has been developed by the same team who has created TeamViewer, the popular remote support and access software. So with Monitis you can monitor not only websites but also networks, servers, applications, and cloud providers such as Amazon, Rackspace or GoGrid. They also offer easy to use API, which can be integrated with basically anything, so you can integrate it with your own custom project.

You can try out Monitis for free, taking advantage of their 15 days free trial period. After that you can decide to use their free monitor (which offers limited features) or go for premium. Monitis does not offer different premium plans, instead they offer a customizer, which allows you to create your own monitor and pay on the used resources. You can choose the number of monitors, number of locations, load testers, number of SMS and call alerts, sub accounts, etc.


site24x7 simple uptime monitor for joomla

Another great monitoring service is Site24x7, which enables you to monitor the performance of your website, check server outages, uptime and performance of web applications, monitor the cloud network of different cloud hosting providers, and more.

Site24x7 is also a paid monitoring service which you can try out for free for 30 days. They offer different plans for website, server and application monitoring. The Standard plan starts form $9 / month if you choose to pay upfront for at least one year. With this plan you can monitor up to 10 websites with 1 minute interval check. You can choose up to 8 test locations from over 50 available locations. 50 SMS / voice alerts are also included with this plan.

What the Uptime Monitor Show?

Well, if you have a good Joomla hosting, you should not be worry much about performance and the uptime. Even though, I still recommend monitoring your website, especially if you are running a business Joomla website. So if the uptime and performance monitor it shows that your Joomla website is slow, you should consider switching to a new hosting provider. Slow websites is not only bad for your users, but it can affect Google rankings also.

I highly recommend InMotion for hosting small business and also larger Joomla sites. This hosting provider offers top quality, Joomla optimized web hosting solution as well expert Joomla support. In the linked page you can find out how easy and simple is to start your Joomla site with InMotion. On top of that if you are moving your existing Joomla site to this hosting company, you can request a free website transfer. Contact InMotion after purchasing your hosting account and they will give you all the information about your Joomla website transfer process.

Wrapping it up

So if you want to monitor your Joomla website and gather data about your website’s uptime and performance, the above mentioned tools are diffidently a good way to do it.

If you want to only check the current uptime status of your Joomla or other website, you can use this up or down checker tool. This tool is very good to quickly determine if your website is down or not in this moment. Here you don’t need to register, just insert the URL of your site and press a button and the tool will show you the status.

Hopefully this quick guide was useful and you were able to choose the monitoring service that you need. Please let me know in the comments which monitor is your favorite. Also let me know if you have experience with other free or paid monitors.

Wish you best luck and best uptime!

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