When you are installing your joomla website, the default database will also installed. One of these default settings on Joomla 1.5 websites is the Welcome message. This tutorial will teach you how to change and how to hide this unwanted text.

  1. Login to the administrator panel of your joomla website.
  2. Choose the Menus menu from the top navigation bar
  3. Now go to the Main Menu section, or to the menu witch have a little star (*) in the right side. The little start show where is your default home page menu item
  4. Click on that menu, near you see the default image (*)
  5. In the right side of the screen will see four vertical sliding tabs. Choose the last one, witch is called Parameters (System)
  6. In the Page Title box is the welcome text, you can change it, and add you custom page title
  7. If you want to hide the welcome message just click to NO on the Show Page Title box
  8. Save your menu, go to the Front End and hit a refresh. Congratulation! You are done with this!

Note: You can edit page titles for each page using these steps.

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