joomla call to action module

Call-to-Action is an image or a text that stands out from the content of the website. Call to action is usually used by marketers to increase conversion, generate leads or generate more email subscribers. Recently, I have been building a Joomla website that needed a call-to-action form, and when searching online I found no call-to-action module. So I have decided to create one, and give it away for free. I’m pretty sure, other Joomla users are also looking for such extension, so here it is!

The module can be fully customized: you can change title, description, button text, add custom url to button, can change color of every element, can change border radius, add any font from Google font library, and for the button you can use any icon from the FontAweasome font family.

Here are the available button styles, whose colors can be changed in the module parameters:

joomla call to action module button styles

Here is a screenshot of the available module parameters:


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  1. shanerichard

    i love the idea of this, can you help me, i cant change the font awesome icon, no matter what i try, im using right syntax and have tried many iterations, as well as reinstalling module

  2. Piero

    Hello, is it possible to replace the button with a PAYPAL button? (paypal html code)
    Thank you very much, appreciate your module, works great

  3. Henk

    The error shanerichard is referring to, is caused in line 41 of mod_jawcallto.php in /modules/mod_jawcallto. The second ‘$buttonIcon’ in that line must be without ‘$’.
    Nice module anyways.

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