How to Get Your Customers Hooked to Your Magento Store?

get customers magento store

What does customer loyalty mean to you? If the customers end up buying from you each time, does that mean they are loyal? If your answer to the preceding question is “Yes,” you need to rethink. There are several reasons why customers buy from a brand. You might be a cost-effective provider. Or they might… read more

Why Choose X-Cart as Your E-commerce Building Platforms

why choose xcart ecommerce

These days there is a lot of software platforms available for e‑commerce so that any trader can pick the ideal one only for themselves. Before settling on such an imperative choice, it’s worth to think about all upsides and downsides. So in this post, I bring you some essential features of X-cart show that you… read more

Joomla Templates: Stylish Chick in Town

stylish joomla templates

Everyone wants to look their best at work. A look of any person or anything is the first and the foremost factor of the judgment of one’s character. Hence, being presentable is highly important and same goes for our websites. A website is user-friendly or not comes later, what comes first is its appearance. Therefore,… read more

7 Joomla SEO Tips That Will Help You Sail Through 2018

joomla seo tips 2018

Image Credit – Experts and novices have spoken ad nauseam about the relative complexity of Joomla. There are undoubtedly other ready-to-use CMS platforms and website builders that are easier. Nonetheless, Joomla remains the favorite of many experienced designers, SEO experts, and engineers, who thoroughly believe in the powers of customization. Since Joomla is a… read more