How does Data Analytics connect With Databases?


Analytic and database runs hand in hand. This means that you have to maintain a good database to get help with true analytics, and then again the requirement to analyze and deal with data only gives rise to the requirement to formulate and maintain databases. Hence both complement each other, and to run an office,… read more

How a Blog Influences Business Marketing Strategies


Image Credits: Canva App It might be surprising for businesses of long standing, but blogging is becoming an indispensable source for gaining more customers and increasing your sales. Many bloggers review a product or service that affects the consumer’s decision-making process. It does not perplexing to know why blogging plays such a role; any experienced… read more

CodeLobster PHP IDE – Fully Functional Joomla IDE


Experienced WEB-developers more often began to use PHP-libraries and CMS for their projects. Therefore, they are valuable professionals, as they do their work faster and more efficiently. The professional version of CodeLobster PHP IDE includes an excellent extension – a module for working with CMS Joomla. Joomla provides convenient tools for managing the site, it… read more

What is Fueling Blockchain Frenzy?


Blockchain is more deceptively straightforward. For those who are still relating blockchain with bitcoin, you are right! But need to move over and measure its capabilities on the metrics of an independent technology concept aimed at resolving the real-world problems. Bitcoin has already been a sensation for a long time, so much that it ultimately… read more

Did You Know About the Vicious Cycle of SEO?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is something all business sites and online stores need to remain visible amidst stiff competition. All marketers know all too well to not ignore the search engine guidelines and the algorithm changes that crop up every couple of months. Even with the hundreds of dollars, some brands spend on perfecting their… read more

Why Should Your Marketing Efforts Include Digital Strategies?


A lot has changed since mobile took over the desktop. The way people consume data and information is drastically different from how it was ten years ago. There was a time when people solely relied on newspapers and magazines. There was a restriction imposed by time and whereabouts. Right now, people can access new information… read more