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It might be surprising for businesses of long standing, but blogging is becoming an indispensable source for gaining more customers and increasing your sales.

Many bloggers review a product or service that affects the consumer’s decision-making process.

It does not perplexing to know why blogging plays such a role; any experienced and savvy businessman knows that word-of-mouth marketing is vital to any marketing strategy. And blogging is a step further in that direction.

Business blogs and influencer blogging can make a drastic change in your company stats if you play it right. You can also start your blog on the company’s page to explain your service, products, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at how blogs influence your business marketing.

Attract an Audience

Blogging is an effective marketing strategy to increase your customer base.

If you are an expert businessman, you already know the power of social media and gaining web traffic on social media via blogs is more accessible than for a product.

Every time you write a post that is beneficial for your intended audience, you increase your chances of appearing on social media. Your customers are likely to share your blog with their readers and so on.

Thus, blogging helps you reach a broader audience that you may not have yet.

Your company blog or an influencer blogger, you can use either of the two methods to provide high-quality content to your target audience. Plus, with every blog post, you produce original content making it easy on your social media manager to manage your social presence.

Establishes Authority

Another way blogs help your marketing strategy is that they increase your authority on the subject.

Coming up with new content that is not only related to your product or service but also helpful for your customers will make you an authority in their eyes.

It also adds to your professional image, especially in the sales and service sector. If you answer your consumers’ most asked questions for any product or service, you will help them make educated decisions about any future purchases.

Furthermore, before you and your customer establish a professional relationship, via your blog you already have a trust between you. They know you helped them before, thus are more likely to be comfortable purchasing your product or service from you.

Turns Traffic to Leads

Simply gaining visitors to your website isn’t all that you need. Successful marketing would be to convert your traffic to leads.

Creating a blog page means every time you add new content to your website, you increase the number of indexable pages for your site. It increases the chance for your company to pop-up on the search engine results page, which in turn increases your visibility.

Similarly, each new post is a way for you to get your readers to be your customers.

Adding call-to-action to your posts instigates readers to click on the link that will lead them to another landing page related to their query, product or service.

If the readers trust your credibility and authority, they are more likely to look for the next step; thus, turning your traffic to leads.

Long-term Results

The best thing about blogging for business is that each blog post continues to generate traffic to your website long after the date you wrote it.

It means that a topic you write today will bring you traffic days, months, and even years after the published date.

A blog topic that is evergreen like holiday tips, business marketing, lifestyle hacks, are subjects that only need a bit of tweaking to upgrade them. They have tons of viewers and readers of all ages with millions of social shares.

In a nutshell, blogs give you the advantage of getting visitors to your site even when you don’t upgrade your website regularly. You might not see an immediate result, but it sets the groundwork for your business.

Customer Engagement

A blog is a perfect platform to get your customer’s opinions.

Same as social media marketing, blogs give you the opportunity to engage with your audience and improve your customer service.

If your e-commerce website provides service or product, there is not much room for customers to interact with you or one another.

Blogging provides the platform to start conversations, gain feedback, and the opportunity to answer any requests or queries.

Interacting with your customers will also increase your trust level. They will know their opinions are valued which will further improve your customer-business relations.

Gain Customer Trust

I have previously mentioned how blogging gives you the opportunity to build a rapport, thus gaining the trust of your customer base.

Let’s discuss it a bit further…

An average individual is wired to trust companies with blogs than those without it. An advertisement or paid promotional content is likely to be ignored or overlooked.

From an average person’s point of view, companies are expected to say nice things about their products or services; thus, are not always accurate.

On social media platforms, a paid advertisement is like white noise that many people filter out. If you want to people to stop and click on your link, a blog post is a way to do so.

Blogs that are correlated to your business niche but also informative and useful for the customer will help you gain their trust. And, once you have their confidence, they will be more accepting to your marketing strategies. They might even lend a hand by promoting your content on their social media.

Objective Reviews from Third-party Influencers

As I said before, brands are expected to promote only the good about their products. Thus why consumers read and trust the reviews from other influencers and fellow-customers.

It is normal for a company to be biased about their product or services. Consumers believe their biasness would lead to them giving false information about the product, ending with them making an unfavorable purchase.

If you want to gain more consumers, unbiased, objective third-party reviews would be a step in the right direction.

A review mentioning both the flaws and strengths about the products or services would go much further than merely talking about the positives.

Remember objectiveness is the key to any positive review.

Reaching the Consumer Subconscious

A good marketing strategy is all about targeting your audiences’ subconscious.

It is human nature to rebel against anyone that tells them to do something. Same is the case in product marketing.

A key aspect of your promotional strategy should be to target your consumer’s subconscious that influences them to purchase the product.

A well-written post that is informational and influential would be the perfect way to get your readers to take the final step and make the purchase.

Guest Posts are Effective in Increasing Your Site DA

If not on your company page, you can also provide influential content to other authority sites that will link back to your homepage.

Some sites accept guest bloggers and provide a backlink to your website, while for others you have to contact the owner to write the content for you. Either way you get the name of your company and product or service to a wider audience and increase your chances of gaining a higher DA.

DA or Domain Authority determines how well you rank on the search engine results page.

A higher rank would increase your visibility as well as your web traffic.

If you look for a blog site with a higher authority and active followers, then there are chances that people will also comment and leave feedback on your posts.

Answering any questions for your product or services will help you build a relationship with your customers and gain their loyalty to your brand.

Wrap Up

These are a few ways blogging helps your company reach new heights. If you want more traffic to your website and turn that traffic to leads then running a blog page might help you in your journey.

You can gain not just more customers, but those that are loyal and will help you improve your brand.

Author Bio: Haziqa Ishtiaq is a rising blogger on the block and an active content writer for PennySaviour. She has written blogs on many diverse topics including travel, business, tech, fashion, etc. She hopes to one day travel the places she writes about; follow her on social media to stay tuned to her insights on your favorite genres.


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