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If you are running a blog with Joomla, where you add new articles regularly, or running a news website which is updated on a daily basis, probably you might want to arrange the latest articles in an organized display. For this you can use a Joomla news module, which will fit your website. In this article I will show you 5 Joomla news extensions that worth checking out.

Mini FrontPage Joomla News Module

mini frontpage joomla news

The Mini FrontPage module will display the latest content from your website. You can also set the module to show the most popular content from your Joomla web page from your chosen section or category. You can select which sections or categories to display articles from in the modules parameter.

The Mini FrontPage module was redesigned and revamped, for a better performance. The module comes with a completely CSS based layout, so you don’t have to worry about mobile view. You can choose from two styles (Classic Mode and Tabbed Mode) to best fits your template and website design. The module’s animation is done with jQuery, so make sure that the library is loaded only once on your site.

You can download Mini FrontPage from TemplatePlazza.

Raxo Latests News Module

raxo joomla news module

Raxo is a very flexible and feature-rich module, made to display news and articles of Joomla websites. This module gives you the option to present your content in many different ways. It is a great complementary for the core Joomla content component, allowing you to show your articles in a very elegant way.

This module is fully responsive, so it works perfectly on any mobile device and comes with 10 color schemes. The Raxo module will automatically create thumbnails from your article’s images. You can configure the module to display title, thumbs, text, date, article rating, author, comments, etc. Support and can display comments from a wide range of comments systems including JComments, JA Comment, Komento, RSComments, and others.

You can purchase this module for $29 at

BT Content Slider Article Display Joomla Module

bt content slider joomla news module

The BT Content Slider module helps you to arrange your Joomla articles as well K2 content into an animated slideshow. It gives you full control over effects, layouts, animation, article sorting and numbering. The module also creates thumbnails automatically, so you don’t have to resize your images using some photo editing tool.

In the module parameters you can set the navigation bar style, grid settings which allows you to arrange the articles in multiple rows and columns, you can choose which category to display and the number of articles, set limit to number of displayed characters, thumbnail options, animation effects and a lot more advanced stuff.

This module is available for free download at BowThemes.

Latest News Enhanced Joomla News Module

latest news enhanced joomla module

The Latest News Enhanced Joomla module is a very popular news display module in the Joomla extensions directory. It is an all-in-one article display module which helps you to display featured, latest, popular and even random articles. As a planned feature is to display upcoming articles too, which would be a very nice and unique feature in my opinion.

This module can display articles and news from the Joomla content component as well from K2 component. You can select to display the content by category, tags, author, date and more. There is an option to exclude or include specific articles. You can also show related items that match certain keywords or tags. The read more link can be customized to display the article in full page or in popup. The Latest News Enhanced module will crop and resize thumbnail images, so you don’t need to mess this task. Many other features such as Bootstrap, cache, custom styles are also included.

You can get more info on this module and download it for free at SimplifyYourWeb.

JU Content Slider Joomla News Display

ju content slider joomla news module

JU Content Slider adds a cool looking article slider to your Joomla website. It helps you display articles from Joomla, K2, EasyBlog in a nice looking way with cool effects. You can also display only images from selected folder. The module comes with a wide range of features, which you can set in the module parameters.

In the backend you can choose the slider layout, animation effect, option to auto generate thumbnails, resize images, article numbering and sorting and much more. This module is mobile ready and work perfectly with mobiles and tables including Android, iPhone and iPad.

JU Content Slider is available for $24.95 at JoomUltra.

Wrapping up

I hope that you were able to find the best Joomla news module that fits your needs and your budget. I might add new modules in the future and I’m also open for suggestions. So if you are using any Joomla module that can display articles on your website, and would like to recommend them, please share in the comments below.

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