Joomla is one of the best content management systems available today. We have been building Joomla websites for several years now, and have seen its beauty and its downsides as well. Joomla performs very well if you have a good and reliable hosting service. Choosing a cheap, unprofessional web hosting, can lead into loosing all your hard work. To help you out, not to commit the same mistakes we did, we have decide to share our experience and reveal which are the best joomla hosting companies that we like and work with.

best joomla hosting

Why you need a good Joomla host?

As you may recall, Joomla is a resource intense software. It requires lots of server resources to run at full capacity. Many hosting providers offer different tools to install Joomla to their server, but most of them does not take in consideration the fact, that Joomla requires and use more CPU and RAM than the average website builders. Due to its complexity simply requires more power to run a Joomla website. So when you consider buying a web host for your Joomla website, you should not make any compromises.

Now you may think, that you have to spend a lot to run a Joomla website. No, you don’t! Joomla will run great on a shared host as well. But it is important which company you choose. Over the years we have been working with several different hosting providers while building websites for our clients and hosting their websites. We have also tested the most popular hosting firms that claim they provide excellent Joomla web hosting. Well most of them failed our tests.

So to save you time and money, we decided to share our experience with you. We have made a list of the top Joomla web hosts that we are currently using for our other projects:

inmotion joomla hosting#1 InMotionHosting – offers reliable and high performance Joomla hosting. Their support team is trained to solve Joomla related issues and their website has a dedicated learning section full with Joomla tutorials. InMotion’s server are configured to provide the best performance to any Joomla site at an affordable rate.

hostgator joomla#2 HostGator – is another great Joomla hosting company. They also have tutorials on how to get started with Joomla. If you already have a Joomla website, they will help you transfer your website to their server for free.

bluehost joomla#3 BlueHost – although the company does not have Joomla optimized hosting, from our test resulted that small Joomla sites perform really good on their servers. Their support team also have knowledge with the Joomla CMS.

What should a Joomla hosting provider offer?

As mentioned before, there are many hosting providers claiming that they offer Joomla hosting. The truth is that offering a tool which makes it easier for the user to install Joomla to their domain is not enough.

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