Internet/online marketing has turned into an immensely dynamic industry. It is to the extent that the moment one becomes adept in the most recent industry trends, another new set comes up as more superior to the former. These advertisements at times are hyperbolic, but other times they are revolutionary as are predicted. It is irregularity that often places a marketer in a very tough situation. Must they fall prey continuously to the trends of the erratic industry or should they stick to consistent and outdated techniques of the yesteryears?

In the real sense, this is not a simple question to answer chiefly because these decisions must depend on an individual, personal level. Balance is the general rule with regards to successful marketing. Even if dedicated to following or creating the most innovative trends, the marketers should find a balance as what worked during the past as well as what will be successful in the days to come. Take a look at the internet/online marketing trends that are all set to dominate 2018.

  1. Mobile Optimization- The recent announcement made by Google on mobile searches surpassing the desktop searches is merely the beginning of the so-called mobile revolution. Google’s Head of the search, Amit Singhal stated that there is more than 100 billion mobile searches every month and there are good chances of this to increase. Internet marketing’s future will depend on targeting the mobile phone users directly. For quickening this transition, every marketer must ensure that their landing pages, websites, and ads are all ready for mobile optimization. The truth is nothing will indeed scare the prospective customers more than having a site that is aesthetically displeasing and clunky.
  2. Social Conversion- Though social networks have already played a part in online marketing, its importance is likely to increase mainly taking into consideration how much the world has adopted using mobile phone and other gadgets. Social conversion is significant for lead generation and eCommerce sites particularly considering that typically socials provide cost per conversion that is lower compared to advertising on the search engines. For instance, if a marketer is starting out, he should begin advertising with LinkedIn and Facebook because both offer audience targeting options that are unique and also out of the box. They can also consider Twitter.
  3. Automation- Marketing automation like social networks is not new. However, of late it is highly valued chiefly due to two characteristics- simplicity and affordability. Hence, every marketer, even those on a small budget must consider automation to remain competitive.
  4. Try New Payment Methods- The general masses are always on the lookout for new payment methods that are easy to use, simple and above all is secure. To cater to this desire, credit card companies have introduced EMV credit cards that specifically protect against the massive data breaches which have taken place in the last couple of years. The truth is these amends will impact e-commerce lead generation and online payments naturally. Therefore, internet marketers must have a thorough understanding when it comes to the recent ways to pay which will help them in targeting and assisting customers at the time of transition.
  5. Content Marketing- Taking into consideration the simplicity of posting on social media or starting a blog, the marketing industry experts strongly believe in ‘content is the king’ maxim. No wonder there has been an extremely vital influx amid marketers to create shareable content. Shareable and important content generally speaking is regarded as emotional, relevant, unique or all by readers. The moment users get such content they will share it because these contents talk to them either on an intellectual or an emotional level.

Those who create shareable content will be valued highly in the future because both big and small companies will depend on the social media and the internet for informing and maintaining their target audience. Furthermore, Content marketing will enable companies in adjusting their brand image quickly. Companies in the past took a long time for establishing their brand. With talented content marketers, today companies will be capable of revolutionizing their image and brand at unprecedented speeds.

  1. Web Analytics- This is a behind the scene yet vital facet of internet marketing. Web analytics include the collection, report, and analysis of all the data to understand the web usage of the audience. Online marketing professionals should use web analytics to understand the activities going on when it comes to their company or brand website. The focus on this in recent years has grown exponentially allowing organizations to hone in regarding how their customers got to their website as well as the type of content that they engage to. By gaining an understanding and insight into visitor behavior like bounce rates and click paths, the online marketing experts can customize their sites to meet the needs of the users better thereby enabling them to offer measurable outcomes.
  2. AI or Artificial Intelligence- AI when combined with machine learning and big data will have a considerable influence concerning how business markets to its customers. Through artificial intelligence, a marketer can offer customers with content delivery that is hi-customized along with product recommendations which are automated depending on their needs and lifestyle. Though this method can be a little expensive, it is worth investing because it will give the business remarkable results.
  3. Growth Hacking- Also called the growth driven techniques, it is a means of marketing that is primarily aimed to increase the revenue. SEO despite new ways continue to top the list when it comes to developing and growing a site. It is crucial for a marketer to keep bringing some changes in their strategies with enhancement in technology as it will aid to offer clients what they need from their site accurately.
  4. Live Streaming- Internet/online marketing will notice a rise in case of live streaming as it has turned into a crucial component for an e-commerce business for getting the attention of the audience. Video content is getting popular and becoming prominent this year. As per a study the users view live streams 3 times more than pre-recorded videos. It is however essential in taking into consideration the dominating platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. The live videos can be made more alluring via adding in it some interactive characteristics and also improving the quality of the feed.
  5. Customer Experience- Customer experience plays a crucial role because customers will be ready to pay more when they get better customer service. Improvement in customer service this year will include,
  • Optimize a website design for targeting customer experience.
  • Boost up training of the employees to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Gather customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Ask for feedback for tracking customer satisfaction.
  • Engage promptly on the different social media platforms including Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and others.
  • Introduce chatbots for prompt response time.

The customer journey in 2018 will continue to be an area of emphasis for all kinds of businesses. As SaaS (software-as-a-service) organizations shift the economy to a higher self-service model, automatically the customer experience will turn into a chance for separating themselves from this pack.

  1. Influencer Marketing- It is a known fact that people wish to purchase by seeing other people using things. Today more than 50% people depend on influencer recommendations. Consumers want to buy a good if a person who they relate to admire and trust the product’s advocate. In the last few years, this has proved to be quite successful because social media channels like Snapchat and Instagram have jumped into the chance of expanding the reach with regards to marketing influencers.

The influencer marketer budget this year is likely to be introduced where it does not exist at present and go up where already it has been implemented. With the increased budgets there will naturally be an improved focus both on campaign measurement and tracking. A marketer must evolve his strategy on influencer marketing and consistently track the outcomes.

With the World Wide Web turning central for the everyday lives of the customers, using it as a medium for marketing is critical for all industries. Though marketing includes theory and practice alike, online marketing has demonstrated especially on how the practices change as per the most recent in technology. Latest trends are emerging continually needing online marketing experts to stay informed and current about the ways of using such techniques. With the rapid advancement in technologies and products, it has become essential for every marketer to stay informed and updated on the current industry trends.

Be it specializing in content, exploring new payment methods, automation, social conversion, mobile optimization, influencer marketing, customer experience, live streaming, growth hacking, artificial intelligence or web analytics, every marketer must uncover the different trends that will suit their needs and skills to the fullest. After doing so, the marketer must master every trend that he has selected to distinguish himself by turning into a thought leader or an industry expert for the upcoming future.

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