Instagram is a beautiful social media platform for your business. You can reach out to your present and potential customers with the help of videos and images. Today, customers do not have the time to go through content and prefer to watch short videos about the product they seek to buy. Images have the capacity to speak a thousand words about your product or service if you get the basics right. The quality of the picture, the hashtags, the call to action, etc. need to be in order when you are looking for more targeted traffic to both your Instagram profile.

Reaching out to the targeted audience with images and business videos

As a business owner, you will have a website that you need to update regularly for the purposes of search engine optimization and page ranks. It is here that businesses that have WordPress websites benefit the most. WordPress is SEO friendly, and so it helps you with page ranks better as the codes of the platform are easily identified and read by search engines. Smart businesses in a bid to reach out to the targeted audience are now combining the power of WordPress and Instagram to get a competitive edge in the market. With the help of Instagram WordPress themes and plugins, you can improve the user experience for the visitor for your website and attract targeted audience to it as well.

What are the best Instagram WordPress Themes and Plugins for Your Use

The following are the best WordPress Instagram plugins and themes that you can use for your business website –

  1. Instagram Feed Plugin– This plugin helps you to display your photographs in different ways. You may choose the grid layout or the polaroid styled layouts. You may also add a slider to set the photos up along with a simple guide. This guide will help you configure all the options that you want to do for your site. This plugin also helps you to control and moderate the photographs on your profile. You can choose what pictures you wish to feature to your targeted audience. This unique Instagram WordPress plugin is frequently updated. This gives you the chance to get new and advanced features often.
  1. EasyNoteInstagramWordPress Theme– If you are looking for an easy way to add a widget for Instagram to the footer of your website, this Instagram WordPress theme will help you do just that. If you are a blogger and need space for your articles, this theme is the perfect one for you. It provides you with a series of professional layouts minimally and cleanly. This means your content gets the space it needs to be featured without clutter. This creates the correct positive impressions you need for your site or your blog. There is a feature of mega menus that boosts navigation to the page and website. This theme is prevalent when it comes to the attraction of inbound traffic. Like the popular service provider, it helps you to manage your Instagram page better and connect with the targeted audience you wish to reach out to.
  1. InstaShow Plugin-If you are looking for a WordPress Gallery to display website content on your Page, the InstaShow plugin helps you to do it. This plugin gives you the liberty to view all the content you wish to. You can pull in content with the help of usernames, URLs and hashtags. Pull in videos and images you want to from Instagram. This plugin provides you with a lot of control over how you wish to present your pictures and videos on your WordPress website.
  1. InstaLinkInstagram Widget- This is a unique WordPress Instagram plugin for Instagram. It helps you to add a customized widget to your WordPress website so that you can easily display content from your Instagram profile. Here, you just need to enter a username for Instagram or a group of hashtags so that the related content can be pulled to your site and presented to your targeted audience in precisely the way you want to. You can get many custom options to make sure that this Instagram widget syncs in well with your site.
  1. Instagram Journal- Instagram Journal comes as both a WordPress theme and plugin. This means it is a one-stop tool that gives you everything you need to publish content on Instagram on your site. You have the option to use Instagram Journal with any theme of your choice however if you can start a new website, Instagram Journal is indeed an excellent option. 
  1. Cavan WordPress Instagram Theme – If you are a blogger and are looking for a creative theme, Cavan is the perfect one for you to choose from. This theme is targeted at bloggers that love creating content on a wide range of topics. This theme helps you to select a new layout every time you publish a post. You can also choose the type of widgets that you wish to display with your posts on the sidebar. This theme also gives you an option for integrating your website with social media accounts. Instagram Feeds are featured in the way you want them to.
  1. Calla – This is a stylish theme for WooCommerce if you wish to sell products on the Internet from your site. Besides beautiful theme templates, you will get several page designs for your blog and other content on your portfolio. This WordPress Instagram theme for WooCommerce also gives you exclusive features that are related to social media.

Therefore, if you have a business website online and wish to connect and reach out to the targeted audience in a better way, install Instagram WordPress plugins and themes for your site. With the help of these friendly themes and plugins, you can improve the navigation and user experience for your website. The visitor is treated to a professional layout that goes the extra mile in making your blog or sites popular!

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media and WordPress. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit and learn how to build more follower presence.

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