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I’m a big fan of Joomla for many reasons. First I really love the easiness you can build a website with Joomla. Not just a website, but with Joomla you have limitless options to create any type of online property. Second I enjoy its features and scalability, and last but not least I like Joomla because it can be used for free.

Joomla can be extended pretty easily, with the use for extensions. There are thousands of premium and free extensions you can download and install to your Joomla system. Besides this, there are thousands of free and premium templates you can choose from. With the use of Joomla template, you can make a completely unique and feature rich website in couple of hours.

With so many Joomla themes available it is quite challenging to find the design you need. It is questionable what type of template to choose, free or premium. Well, if you are on a budget, probably you would opt for a free theme.

Bellow I’ve collected the best free Joomla templates, to have all of them in one place. The majority of these Joomla designs are compatible with version 2.5 and 3.x, while the new templates I add probably will only work with 3.x+ version. All listed themes are responsive, so you don’t need to do extra work to make them compatible with smartphones or tablets.

Take your time, browse through these templates and pick a design that fits the best your Joomla project. I’ve carefully selected these designs, ensuring that there are highly customizable, professional looking and well coded.

Magazine Gavick – Free Joomla Template

magazine gavickpro free joomla template

This Joomla template is great for building a news website as well a blog. Magazine theme is powerful having lots of features and a modern look. It is compatible with Joomla 3.5 and newer versions.

Download Magazine

Gavern Gavick – Minimalist Free Responsive Template

gavern minimalist free joomla template

Gavern is a simple and flexible Joomla template framework that allows its users to create and customize their Joomla website easily. This theme works with 3.x Joomla version.

Download Gavern

Portfolio Gavick – Free Mobile Read Joomla Theme

portfolio gavick free joomla theme

Building a portfolio website with Joomla has never been easier. With this professional looking free Joomla template you can setup you online portfolio, be it photography or other type, in minutes. It is highly customizable offering different color and font variations and image layouts. It is compatible with Joomla 3.x and newer versions.

Download Portfolio

Music Gavick – Free Joomla Theme

music free joomla template gavick

Download Music

Ares JoomlaShine – Portfolio Joomla Template

ares joomlashine free responsive joomla template

Download Ares

Glamo JoomlaShine – Fashion Joomla Template

glamo joomlashine fashion free joomla template

Download Glamo

Yoyo JoomlaShine – One Page Joomla Template

yoyo joomlashine onepage joomla template free

Download Yoyo

Metro JoomlaShine – Flat Joomla Template

metro joomlashine flat responsive joomla template free

Download Metro

Air JoomlaShine – Clean Joomla Theme

air joomlashine clean minimalist joomla free template

Download Air

Sky JoomlaShine – Hotel Booking Joomla Template

sky joomlashine hotel booking joomla template free

Download Sky

Afterburner 2 RocketTheme – Fast Loading Joomla Theme

afterburner rockettheme free mobile ready gpl joomla template

Download Afterburner 2

Design Control Shape5 – Free Responsive Template Joomla

designcontrol shape5 flexible free joomla template

Download DesignControl

Electrica JoomlArt – Boxed Joomla Template Free

electrica joomlart boxed free joomla template

Download Electrica

Purity 3 JoomlArt – Multi Purpose Free Joomla Template

purity 3 joomlart simple responsive joomla template

Download Purity 3

Simpli JoomlArt – Simple Feature Rich Template

simpli joomlart feature rich free joomla template

Download Simpli

Mondrian JoomlaShacks – Fast Loading Bootstrap Joomla Template

mondarin joomlashacks fast loading free joomla template

Download Mondrian

Wright JoomlaShacks – Minimalist Bootstrap Joomla Theme

wright joomlashacks bootstrap framework free template

Download Wright

One Page JoomlaPlates – Free Joomla Template

onepage joomlaplates responsive template free

Download OnePage

X2 Video JoomlaPlates – One Page Joomla Video Theme

x2 joomlaplates video free joomla theme

Download X2 Video

Krom JoomFreak – eCommerce Joomla Free Template

krom joomfreak ecommerce free joomla template

Download Krom

Couda JoomFreak – Corporate Business Joomla Theme Free

couda joomfreak corporate business joomla template free

Download Couda

Salina JoomFreak – Simple One Page Theme Joomla

salina joomfreak simple onepage joomla theme

Download Salina

EventUp JoomFreak – Event Planning Joomla Template

eventup joomfreak event planning free joomla template

Download EventUp

Future IceTheme – Business Joomla Template

future icetheme business joomla theme

Download Future

Black and White IceTheme – Simple Blog Joomla Theme

black and white icetheme simple blog joomla template free

Download Black White

Zen IceTheme – Customizable Joomla Template Free

zen icetheme highly customizable free joomla template

Download Zen

Did you found what you are looking for?

Hopefully my collection of best Joomla templates was useful and you were able to find a good theme to start your next Joomla project. If you are still looking for a specific template, please let me know in the comments, I might have some info that is not listed yet, but on request I will add it to this page.

Also if you have any knowledge about other high quality, free Joomla designs that worth including in this list, please leave a comment below.

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