This small tutorial will help you to insert module position right in your joomla content. This tutorial is for joomla 1.5. Inserting a module into a joomla article it could be very useful when you want to customize your page more, for example if you want to add an adsense module to your joomla article or to insert a menu or login module to the content. You can insert any module position.

Insert Module into Joomla 1.5 Article / Content

  1. Go to the Plugin Manager and check if the Content – Load Module is enabled. If it’s not, you need to enable it, because this is the plugin that allow to insert modules into joomla article
  2. Go to the Article Manager create a new article
  3. Insert the code  {loadposition module} into the article, where you want to display the specified module
  4. “loadposition” will remain and you should change only the “module” and add your own module position. If you add “left” or “right”, this will display all modules that are added to these module positions. It is better to create new modules and new module positions.
  5. Publish the article

The module will have only a basic styling, but, you can create custom css classes or use the default class that your default template provide. The css class can be also included into the article, using the HTML source editor.

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