As you know, we provide free joomla templates. Our latest templates are made with parameters and can easy change the website title from the joomla administrator panel. But how can you replace the text title with your company logo image? Well, this tutorial will show you how to do it. The logo image will be clickable, and will link to your main website, like our logo image.

Replace text title with logo image on Joomla Templates

1. Login to your admin panel, and go to the template manager.

2. Click on the template that you want to edit

3. Go to the “Edit HTML”  button in the top right of the screen.

4. Find the logo div tag and select the following codes:

<a href=”/baseurl ?>”><?php if ($logoTitle == ”){ ?><?php echo $siteName; ?><?php } else { ?><?php echo $logoTitle; ?><?php } ?></a>

or the following if the template do not include parameters:

<a href=”/baseurl ?>/”><?php echo $mainframe->getCfg(‘sitename’) ;?></a>

5. Replace the code with the following:

<a href=”/baseurl ?>/”><img src=”/baseurl; ?>/templates/template; ?>/images/logo.png” border=”0″></a>

6. After all this upload your logo image via FTP to the templates/current-template/images/ folder and be sure that the logo image name and extension is logo.png, like in the code above.If you don’t have the website logo in this format, just modify the source code and replace the logo.png with your image name and extension.

Done! Hit a refresh button in your browser and you will see the results. Enjoy!

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