If you want to advertise on your joomla website using the basic banner manager, you fill find out on this small tutorial, how to do it!

Create banners with joomla 1.5

1. Log in to the administrator panel, and go to the Components/Banners section

2. Create a new client

3. Create a new category

4. Create a new banner and assign the banner to the client and category you just created.

After you created the banner and added a custom script or a banner image you need to set up the module that will show the banner on the front end.

5. Go to the module manager, and create a NEW banner module

6. In the right side of the screen, select the Client and the Category where you added your recently created banner.

7. Add a title to your module, choose a module position, where the template to be placed, enable the module clicking yes on the Enable radio button and hit apply!

This is it! Now you know how to start banner advertising on your joomla 1.5 website.

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